Good Morning and welcome to the year 2011.

New year, fresh start.  To clean our plate free…. we start off with thanking all of you for being so patient during the holidays.  We say ‘thank you for being patient’ because we really slowed things down here for a couple weeks.  Why?  Well, to be really honest… we (I) were (was) getting burned out with this whole blogging thing.  Being at the computer for hours every day, typing, and all that…. it started to quickly feel like a job and not a hobby.  And, please know, that this isn’t my job… it’s my hobby, it’s how I express myself, it’s my art.  So, the minute it starts getting stale and boring and …. “job-like”…. I have to take a minute for myself, slow it down, and step away from the computer for a while.  I need to go out and find inspiration for what I do just like everyone else who creates.  I had a real calling to just go out and soak up some sun rays and real-life experiences, and I did just that. Figured the holidays were a perfect time to retreat, and it certainly was a treat…

These past couple weeks I have traveled to San Francisco, drove around Los Angeles, hung out with family, hung out with friends, and partied, partied, partied.  All in all, I can say that I am back to my normal self and actually excited to get back to blogging!!

Maybe all I needed was to get that party bug out of me!?!

Hmm….. whatever it is, or was, it’s gone, being unmotivated was sooooooooooo 2010.

2011 brings us..

1.  2010 Flash Back! We didn’t want to Recap the Year until the year was officially over, because you never know… some really epic shit could go down a day before 2011!!  This week we reflect back on, not dwell on, what was cool in the desert in 2010.  This will feature event Recaps, people, places and things.

2.  2011 Flash Forward! As much as we respect it and can learn from it…. the past is the past.  This a blog, this is where you can find information and events that all have the constant notion of us looking towards a better FUTURE.  As much as we loved 2010, I think we are going to enjoy 2011 a little more.  We share with you upcoming events that are just around the corner… this includes monthly parties at new venues (Ace Hotel’s Amigo Room and Space 120) and DOO WOP IN THE DESERT (Our completely themed out retro Valentine’s Day Party)!!!  More info on everything in just a bit.

3.  Palm Springs International Film Festival.  It’s that super special time of the year in the Coachella Valley.  A week (and a half) long drool fest.  The top independent international films from all over the entire world make a pit stop in Palm Springs to screen their pieces of work, show off their talents, and inspire thousands.  And let it be known… the Palm Springs International Film Festival is one of my ALL TIME favorite things to do in the desert… I have been going for yyyeeaarrrsss and it never ceases to amaze me.  This week we brush upon some films to possibly check out, some history, and some events that in relation to the big one.  Fun stuff.  Film nerds – UNITE!

4.  College of the Desert Film Students. No matter how down I am for the big boys in the film industry…. I am always a fighter for the under dog and those trying to ‘come up’.  I just came upon a collection of short films produced by College of the Desert students and am ecstatic to share them with you all.  Consider this… like… hmmm… an online film festival produced by The CVAS.  It’s free for all to attend, pretty much PG, and rad because it’s created with small budgets by people your age and from your hood!  So excited for this too!

5.  Free 2nd Sundays at the Palm Springs Art Museum. Being that the Palm Springs Film Festival is this weekend, and it’s kinda pricey, I thought I’d give a shout out to something that is just as cool… but completely free.  The Palm Springs Art Museum is really something to be proud of and brag about.  Best thing is, this Sunday it is completely free to the public.  Really people, what more can you ask for in life?

6.  Desert Punk Rock Parties. If you think punk rock parties in the desert died out years ago… boy oh boy are you wrong.  Let me tell you something, there is going to a super sick punk rock party this Friday in the desert and I advise you to come.  Old or young, punk or pop… it doesn’t matter what you consider yourself to be.  What matters, in the big scheme of things, is that these shows that Michael from Slipping into Darkness are organizing are amazing community events that are brewing up fresh batches of culture, they are shaking things up, and are ridiculously fun.  You can read about it on my blog, in the Desert Valley Star, or the Desert Sun…. but one thing for sure is that there ain’t nothing like the real thing!!  More details in just a bit!  And I hope to see you all there this Friday at Krazy 8’s in Cathedral City.

7.  The Cool Factor. The theater, improv comedy scene in the desert is slowly but surely expanding and growing.  It’s pretty exciting to watch them do their thing as well.  This week, a new Cool Factor show pops up at La Quinta High School on Friday.  We’ll make sure to get you all the details a little later.

8.  Wednesday Night Rendezvous. Wednesday nights in the Coachella Valley (more specifically in Palm Springs) are like the new Thursdays.  There is always at least one thing going down, and it’s always pretty experimental.  This Wednesday is no different, as Space 120 serves up some electronic, glitch, dub, who knows what kind of music it is… all we know is that we like it!  Make sure to check back soon for that.

9. Any of my blog followers on Tumblr?  We recently became a little obsessed with this new micro-blogging website and we are wondering if anyone out there who follows us is too?  And don’t worry, we are NOT just sharing the same information here as on our Tumblr (re-blogging)… that’d be boring.  On the contrary, on our Tumblr we share a collection of cool desert photos and images from all over the place.  Many of which we just find on the Internet as we conduct research for the blog.  Please do add and enjoy if you a Tumblr fan, we love following you guys back.

10.  Randoms.  As I say, you never know what the wind, or the Internet, will blow in.  There is usually a surprise every week here on the blog.  What’s an exciting life if you don’t have some surprises?!?!?  A boring one!  I love surprises and you should too.

11.  Things 2 Do Thursdays. Every Thursday, for the past 2+ years, I have found time to post a post all about all the parties going on all weekend here in the desert…. pretty awesome/dorky/lame/rad.  Hey, somebody’s gotta do it… mine as well be me.  And you mine as well be the person to show up to the party!  Make sure to come back for the crack (better known as…. Things 2 Do Thursdays)!!