There are two super cool events going on that we think you should know about.  And we can pretty much guarantee that once you learn a little bit, you’ll definitely want more.  So don’t hold back… let the feeling flow, it’s natural, trust us…

So, first things first… let’s bring to attention that both of these show are super cheap!! And when we say cheap… we mean like no cover at the door kinda cheap… aka FREE.  However, these two events are completely different from one another… not only are they cities apart, but they also are celebrating two different types of art on oppisite ends of the spectrum – one, electronic music, and one, writing.  However, whatever may float your boat, we got you covered!  From the Low Desert to the High Desert!

Read the details below for more info:

* * *


in Downtown Palm Springs

at Space 120

come experience… the new, the glitch, the dub, the electronic sounds of…

Event Info:


An AstronOmically futurisTic Musical JournEy of Thumpin proportions tuned to the LateSt and GreatesT in Digital Destruction/Construction 😉

Dance you’re face off through the Universe with Selections & CREATIONZ from:


☾ MAILMAN ☽ ♒Xipe Tote-ik♒

☣Charlie LutherGates☣
Joe Murda

Plus. A. Special. Surprise. Performance. By. You. (you’ll see when you come)

21+ Drink Specialz

120 South Palm Canyon
Palm Springs, CA
1/5/2010 Doors Open @ 9pm

and in the High Desert…

Red Arrow Gallery presents

Red Arrow Reads

Event Info:

Critically acclaimed author, Janet Sabranes, reads from “Army of One”, which features several stories set in and around Joshua Tree. Janet will also be sharing excerpts from her latest novel “This Land”, a satirical coming of age piece about the adventures of a shy, awkward, but highly principled young woman who happens to be the presidents daughter.

From Janet Sarbanes’ Army of One:

There are plenty of folks who should be in the Army of One, she decided,
but never find the courage to enlist. Instead, they wait around to be
drafted, resenting their friends and families for taking up so much of
their time, and accumulating a vast porn collection or a novel in a
drawer. She’d been one of those people. They’re the ones who are oddly
chipper at funerals. They’re also the ones who drive too fast, and cheat
at ping-pong. It’s a pity they can’t just get called up, because the Army
of One would straighten them out.

Located at:

Red Arrow Lounge and Gallery

61597 29 Palms HWY

Joshua Tree, CA

from: 7:00pm – 10:00pm

* * *

Hope to see you there!