JANUARY 10-15 2011

(copied and pasted from the ‘Director’s Message)

“Well, we made it. We’re heading into our second year, and its already promising to be a great sophomore outing. Some amazing films have been coming in, and the support of the town of Idyllwild and its businesses and citizens has given me an assurance of heart that IDYLLWILD 2011 will be even better than I had hoped.

Idyllwild is the perfect setting for a winter film festival, and I believe we have built a foundation that will carry us on for years to come. Idyllwild 2011 will be (as was my promise last year) a film festival for filmmakers. We are not about huge budgets and glitzy galas; we are about giving filmmakers a voice and a venue where there may not be opportunity elsewhere. It seems to be getting to a point where, unless you have major names, backing, and legal representation to pave the way, getting a film screened at a major festival is less than a pipe dream. In fact, it seems a waist of time for a lone indie filmmaker to even try to break the barriers that have been set up by these major corporate festivals touting themselves as “Indie”. The truth is, independent voices in film nowadays are not being heard at all in major film fests. We want to be the difference.

Our goal is to provide a platform for the independent filmmaker to not only have his or her movie seen by great film loving audiences, but to have a shot at a viewing in front of distribution companies world wide. This is possible at Idyllwild because of our close proximity to the entertainment capital of the world (Los Angeles), and also via the fact that Idyllwild is already a favorite getaway spot for the film industry.

The alpine charm of Idyllwild has been a Hollywood draw since the silent era, and continues to be a relaxation Mecca well into the 21st Century. In other words, getting quality distribution companies  to attend our festival is easier than one might think. That’s good for the distributor, as here they are exposed to some amazing talent they may not have a chance to see anywhere else, and great for the independent filmmaker, as the opportunity to garner attention from entities that have the power to give a movie wings becomes accessible at last. And as a festival, we feel that’s a very noble goal.”

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A Film to Look Out for:

Happy Birthday to Me

a film written/edited/produced by local artist Levy Stonehill

**Psssttt… word just got out that they have been nominated for Best Featurette, Best Director, and Best Actors (Rene Heger and RonNell Weaver)!!


After years of being shunned by the art world and not gaining desired recognition for his masterpiece series of abstract art, Murray Goldstein once joked that he might as well glue rhinestones on his own casket. On September 15th in the year 2000, Murray makes a startling birthday wish to summon “The Hand of God” to help accomplish the posthumous art legacy he well deserves.

Happy Birthday to Me screenings:

Friday January 14th at 11:30am
The Rustic Theatre
54290 North Circle Drive
Idyllwild-Pine Cove, CA 92549
Friday January 14th at 4:00pm
Caine Center
54385 Pinecrest Avenue
Idyllwild-Pine Cove, CA 92549
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