It’s 2011.  New year, new start… New Features!!!

We are really proud of ourselves about this one, guys.  Your little humble blog is finally getting it’s act together…. slowly, but surely.

Make sure to check out all of our new features and sign yourself up to be listed in the Art Directory and for our Monthly Newsletter!!!  Plus, we have a new Ticketing system that will not only allow you to buy event tickets (for ours and others across the Coachella Valley) but also will be a place where you can buy CVAS merch!!!  Sweeeeeeeeeeeet!

Here’s the low down on the 3 new features:

1. New Art Directory!!!


The Coachella Valley Art Scene’s Art Directory  is where you can find a listing of all the Art Galleries, Music Centers, Organizations and much more throughout the Coachella Valley.

We created our first one years ago when had realized there was nothing like it on the Internet for the Coachella Valley.  (And when we say we created it… we mean that literally.  We really spent hours looking up businesses and then plugging in all of their info on the site.  Took forever!!!)

This  It was great back in 2009,but now it is definitely outdated.

So, we fixed that problem.  BUT!, instead of us fixing it, we thought it would be best if YOU did.

Add yourself!  Are you a business?  A graphic artist?  An organization?  Add yourself for the rest of the Coachella Valley to know about you…. for FREE!!!  Yay!!

New & Improved:

2. New E-Mail/Newsletter Subscription!!!


So, we finally decided to go ahead and create a Coachella Valley Art Scene Newsletter.  The reason why we didn’t before was because we figured that our blog was pretty much our weekly newsletter, or at lest our Week Forecast was.  However, then we thought, what if we used the Newsletter as a way to share our Events Calendar and other secret information with our readers?  Sharing secrets is fun, so we decided to go for it!  Make sure to sign yourself up to be in the secret society!!

New & Improved:

(scroll down past the banner, underneath the “Search” button)

3. New Place to Purchase Tickets/Merch!!!!


We used to have an online store under the website, BigCartel, which was great… However, we decided to move on and branch out and create our own website’s Ticketing and Sales department.  On this new site we can sell you tickets directly and there is no middle man.  Also, in the future we are looking forward to selling cool perch created by the local artists of the Coachella Valley.

New & Improved:

Now the only thing left to do is… check it out for yourself!