So…. there is this super famous, semi-buji, film festival going on in town called the Palm Springs International Film Fest.  We love the Film Festival, in fact, we Interned for it a while ago… however, we are kinda over it!  It cost a lot, it’s crowded, and rarely are there any local filmmakers involved.

So, doing what we do best…. we decided to make our own Film Fest up!!!

We named it, “The CVAS Online Indie Film Fest” and admission to watch the films are free.  There are no lines, and all the films are by locals… for locals!!!  A majority of these films have been submitted by College of the Desert film students, the other half is just material produced by your local film maker.  All of these films have character and charm.

So, without further ado I present Part 1 to our super cool, first annual, first ever, Film Fest!!!….

If you like one of the films, click on the Youtube and do your research… this is a DIY website you know…




… and on that note…

The End.