We are very, very, very, very proud to announce that our very own DJ who has supported The Coachella Valley Art Scene since Day #1 just got booked at the Coachella Valley Music and Arts Festival 2011.

Congratulations, ALF ALPHA!!!

This not only means big things for our dude, but it also says a lot about our community and really raises the spirits and hopes for everyone out there.  It’s a not a single man’s success, it’s all of you out there who attend the shows and continue to show positive support that help to make something like this possible.  Thanks for all the love and positivity you have given Alf Alpha over the years!  We did it!!!

This weekend, poolside at the Ace Hotel in Palm Springs, The Coachella Valley Art Scene will conduct a LIVE interview with Alf Alpha!!!

We will be recording the conversation and then posting the video up next week.  The interview will cover everything, all questions will be asked!!  We are hype!!!

Email/Twitter us some questions that you might want to know and we will make sure to ask him for ya:

email: thecoachellavalleyartscene@gmail.com

twitter: www.twitter.com/thecvartscene

(first name listed for Saturday!  woop woop!)

Make sure to check him out and show some love at:




and for all info on Coachella make sure to check out:


(like you didn’t already know that though!!! duh!)