Surprisingly, my latest source of inspiration is coming from my television.

Not so surprising is the fact that a local kid, Dan Sullivan aka Provoked, is the man producing the content.  Sullivan’s latest artistic (and leadership) endeavor is his new television show currently being broad casted on ABC3 every Sunday night here in the desert.  Sullivan’s independently produced television show is called CV TV and it’s main focus is to bring attention to all the cool things that happen here in the desert that span over all different kinds of ‘scenes’, ‘crews’, ‘clubs’, and genres.  There is no valley too wide, no mountain too wide…  no scene to small, or business too big… CV TV opens their show up to anyone who who is doing something that contributes to the betterment of their community.  And because the project is fueled by young passionate people, they seek to find others who are on the same wavelength.

Do you have a talent you are putting to use?  Do you have a business that could use some recognition for your community efforts?  Well, let him know.  There is truly something for everyone out here and Sullivan is determined to educate everyone on that fact.

Sullivan is no stranger to the TV or the radio.  Sullivan has been holding down a solid Sunday night feature on the popular commercial Hip Hop radio station of the Coachella Valley, U-92.7 FM, for the past three years.  His radio show is called ‘Da Shop’ and it has been featuring local artists every other week from all over the Coachella Valley on the radio station to talk about their talents and upcoming projects.  Through his experiences in working with a commercial radio station by means of involving local talent, Dan was able to to find a real sense of pride and passion in his work.  This of course then naturally evolved into him to wanting to achieve even higher goals and explore new outlets…

In this present day, Sullivan is juggling his two projects, Da Shop and CV TV.  Da Shop boadcasts live on U-92.7 FM every other Sunday starting at 9:00pm.  CV TV will be airing every Sunday, at 5:00pm on ABC3 in the desert.  Check your local cable provider for what channel ABC3 is in your network.

We had the opportunity to catch up with the super busy and extremely inspiring young man to ask him a few questions as to what exactly CV TV is all about and what can we look forward to checking out with this new project.

So, without further ado… I present…. Dan Sullivan of CV TV!!…

So, first things first… tell ’em your name:

Dan Sullivan

Who are the members apart of your CV TV production crew?

My co-worker Nathan Romero , Chelana Ysiano (who I met at Doo Wop in the Desert last year and have been romantically involved with ever since), and myself.

And how old are you guys?..

Nathan is 20, Chelana is 24, and I’m 24 as well.

So, tell us about your background in Radio, Film and conducting Interviews.

I’ve been hosting a radio show that plays local music on U-92.7 every Sunday at 9pm called “Da Shop” for 3 years now. Nathan Romero does all the real work for me when the radio show airs, I just talk (haha). He’d been working at the station for a while before I came, so we’ve both had a good amount of experience with interviewing. I also hosted a run of late night shows on CBS a year and a half ago. Chelana Ysiano has been helping me with a lot my filming this past year.

Can you give me a run down of what the first episode was about?

The first episode consisted of the introduction to the show, my good friend and local artist Dialect showing us around the Indio Boys & Girls Club (recording studio, art, cooking, boxing etc…), and we featured The Desert Sage restaurant in La Quinta, CA.

What time slot is it?  What channel is it?  And how often does it air?

CV TV airs at 5pm on ABC 3 (Palm Springs) every Sunday.

How were the responses after your first television debut?

We got some really good feedback. People liked the concept. We just want everyone to know that this is your show, it’s soul purpose is creating opportunity in our community. I think I just came up with our slogan.

(the CV TV logo)

What kind of upcoming projects/features can we look forward to?

This weeks show come the 23rd will feature Grammy Nominee Lupe Fiasco at the Teen Center in Indio, Ant Dog & Ron T of U-92.7, and a Calendar shoot with Rollerz Only Car Club shot by Jay Bueno of Low Rider Magazine. Look forward to a lot of anything and everything having to do with the Coachella Valley. Learn to Love it more.

What are you most excited about in relation to CV TV?

We’re looking forward to raising the awareness and appreciation for everything this beautiful valley has to offer, not to mention the excitement these kids will get when they see their faces on TV!

Who designed that CV TV logo, it’s swaged out!

Pesci One. A local artist and graphic designer from Palm Springs. I encourage everyone to check out his website,

How do people get in contact with you if they want to be featured or know of a cool story?

Can people advertise? Can other people get involved?

Yes!!! Absolutely. CV TV is all about promoting local businesses and artists, and helping them gain exposure and recognition!

CV TV on YouTube

for more information, please visit the following sites: