Mobile  Homes.  Mobile. Phones.  But, not, mobile phones.

At least, not in Palm Springs in the 1950’s.  These were the days of space, of time, racing cars, hand crafted clothing, apple pies and Doo Wops.  These were not the days of Facebook, Twitter, smart phones, or PCs.  But, funny thing is, no matter how much things/technology change,  trends find away to loop back around and because of this much of this is 100% relatable and revived.

For instance, here I am on my laptop, about to Twitter a direct link to this blog post which will automatically update to my Facebook, which will then alert you instantly on your personal news feed about my Doo Wop in the Desert.  The Facebook invite to the Doo Wop on February 12th invites you and your sweetheart to come dressed up in semi-formal (retro-ish) attire, treat yourself to cupcakes, twist and shout to the best of 1950’s, 60’s, and 70’s music, sing along with a live house band and hula hoop.

These next couple weeks here on The Coachella Valley Art Scene’s our Things 2 Do Thursday features will explore the Palm Springs/Coachella Valley 1950’s (Doo Wop era) lifestyle through photo and video.  This is, of course, in conjunction with our upcoming Retro Valentine’s Dance party, “Doo Wop in the Desert.”  This is, also, a fun way to look back at where our community came from, how our city got on the map, and how much it really hasn’t changed after all this time.

Speaking of which… enough about the past… let’s jump into the near future.  Below is a list of events coming up for the weekend to prepare and brace yourself for.  At the bottom of the post you will discover some videos I’ve been digging up on YouTube, they are sure to make you realize just how far we have come.  Please do enjoy.

2011 brings:




The Ghost of a Saber Tooth Tiger at Pappy and Harriets.  Tickets $15. for more details.


Best Valentine’s Day party ever.  It’s a retro costume party!!  Spoil your sweat heart, bring back the ART of ROMANCE!  All info can be found at:

Thank you all for your unconditional support.  You continue to inspire us and motivate us to work harder to make this all really happen.  Thank you, thank you, thank you.  Please email us with any questions or concerns or suggestions or anything!