Hello, and welcome back!

This week we go back…. waaaaay back!  Back into time….

In spirit of one of my most favorite parties of the entire year, Doo Wop in the Desert, we will be completely theming this week on the blog out – retro style!!!

So pack your bags and brace yourself for a wild ride in The Coachella Valley Art Scene’s time machine…

1.  Doo Wop on the Cheap. Going to the Doo Wop in the Desert, but have a bank account and budget similar to something you’d see in the 1950’s?!?  It’s okay… we understand!  Trust me!  Lucky for you, there are many options to doing the Doo Wop on the cheap.  Thanks to our good friends over at Revival Thrift Stores (apart of the Desert Aids Project) we have been able to hand select some good thrift store Doo Wop garments that you can wear at the party!  Each of these Thrift Store finds are under $10 are are addddorable.  Perfect for one night out.  Plus, they’re pretty authentic.  Look forward to a COMMERCIAL! that we made and photos of all the different options you can have out on that dance floor.

2.  INTERVIEW: Alf Alpha.  What’s not to talk to Alf Alpha about?  He just made the bill at Coachella Fest, recently dropped a double disc album of self produced music (42 tracks or something crazy like that), ran a marathon, released a skate video, and will be DJing the Doo Wop in the Desert event this Saturday night.  Can somebody say… “multi-talented” aka “Virgo”.  This week we pick the brain of the Virgo…. so stay tuned in.

3.  Free 2nd Sundays at the Palm Springs Art Museum. Day after the Doo Wop what more is there to do with your lover than go gaze at beautiful art in a lovely air conditioned room?  This Sunday the Palm Springs Art Museum is free for all to attend and we recommendnd you check it out!  There are some pretty amazing exhibitions who are getting lonely with out your company.

4.  Explorations of the Desert: Flashbacks. Palm Springs is so epically known as a “hip, retro” town, and we think that’s pretty fabulous, so why not embrace it?  This week we point the lens on a time frozen in Palm Springs cultural history.  However, more recently, people are warming back up to this era and everything is more relevant and relatable  more now than ever before.

5.  Commercial Break. As I mentioned earlier, this week we will be releasing a commercial we did to promote our lovely, hand-picked Doo Wop inspired garments at the Palm Springs and Cathedral City Revivals…. in addition to debuting that, we will also be sharing with you some pretty amazing Doo Wop/1950’s clips off Youtube that are all centered around Palm Springs in the 1950’s.

6.  Wednesday Night Rendezvous. This Wednesday the party will be rockin… just remember to not get too slizzarded… you got a Doo Wop to go to on Saturday!!  Slow your roll!

7.  Free Retro Film Screening this Thursday! This Thursday evening at the Ace Hotel is a Retro film screening brought to you by Cinematheque.  We are so excited!  Make sure to go check it out, not only will you get some great fashion tips, but you can also get into the mood pretty easily.  Don’t forget to sport your white gloves to eat that popcorn!

8.  Last Minute Doo Wop in the Desert Q’s and A’s! Always before the big night there are many questions to be answered… this week we break down all the details to you.  Questions like… “Can I pay at the door?” and “What time does it begin and end?” will all be answered.  Make sure to read very carefully!

9.  Randoms. Who knows what might pop up this week!  Stay tuned in to be surprised!

10.  Things 2 Do Thursdays. Yes, yes, the Doo Wop in the Desert is on Saturday night and yes that is all we can talk about.  However, there are other events going on in town this weekend.  For example, DJ Cosmo Baker will be at DJ Day’s Reunion this Thursday and on Friday Rumspringa will be at the Date Shed.  There are many things to be excited about, we just happen to be most excited about ours.  haha!