Welcome back to another week on The Coachella Valley Art Scene!

We are happy to be back… recovering from a weekend of waaaaaaaay too much fun.  Wait – can I take that back?  Is there such thing as way too much fun?? I don’t think so.  Well, anyways, we had an amazing time jamming out with all of you at Doo Wop in the Desert.  You all looked fabulous.  Thank you for supporting us.  It means a ton.

Alright, so let’s move forward, especially since so much of the blog has been focused on the past lately.

Time capsules….

1.  Soft Doo Wop Recap. You know how there is always a ‘soft’ opening for venues and stores?  It’s like the grand opening, but not quite.  Well, same difference with our “Soft Doo Wop Recap.”  As we are in the process of collecting all the photos and videos from the party we shall we release a “Soft Recap” that gives you just a taste of what to expect within the next two weeks.

2.  INTERVIEW: Jesper Wachtmeister of Solaris Filmducktion. This Sunday at the Desert Rock Series at the IPAC there will be documentary film screening about the desert, Directed by Jesper Wachtmeister of Sweden.  The film is titled, “Test Site.” Sound interesting?  Well, it is.  This week we share with you what the film is all about and why it truly excites us.  Get excited.

3.  Commercial Break/Interview: Jon Afro Band. Some old school heads out there might remember the Jon Afro Band, or Organic Junk Fude… two of the most “punk rock” (in their nature) bands from the  Coachella Valley a few years ago.  I, personally, was a fan of both.  Recently we were forwarded some really rad Youtube videos that interviewed the star from both bands, Jon Afro, when he was in his prime.  We found them really great, and thought you guys would too.

4.  Explorations of the Desert: The Thrill of It.  There’s a new Tumblr that we are currently crushing on.  It’s called, The Thrill of It, and it features some great, casual, simple, realistic explorations through the desert.  We love the simplicity of all.  This week we share our internet gem.

5.  Modernism Week. Modernism Week starts this week on Thursday.  It’s an Interior Designer’s Coachella Fest, basically.  The cleanest and most cutting edge Week out there.  And where else could it be in the world besides Palm Springs – nowhere!  There is some amazing things going on around town and we shall be in the hunt for the most affordable ones for you all to attend, since it appears that Interior Designers are the ones who make the big bucks and can afford some pretty pricey parties!

6.  Melissa Morgan’s Light and Space Show. When I go to art galleries/shows and I see exhibitions about light, space, technology and recycled material I always think of our generation.  I feel as if these are all things that we can “get” and be impressed by.  Cutting edge stuff.  This week Melissa Morgan unveils a revealing art show and we are really looking forward to it.

7.  Thrash, Trash, and Ca$h. The desert skate scene has been blowing up in more ways then one.  We count the ways this week.  On two hands!!!  (While they continue to do it with no hands…)

8.  Randoms. Oh you know…. sometimes we just throw up stuff on the blog just to surprise you every now and then.  Too much predictability is…. ehhh… semi-boring.

9.  Things 2 Do Thursdays. It’s your online party hotline for the 760!!!!  But, actually, it’s more than that.  It’s a list of events that are being organized by local promoters, featuring local musicians, being held at small local businesses/venues.  So, it’s a shout out too all out there who are doing cool things and getting errrrr done.  Holler at me if you have an event coming up!: thecoachellavalleyartscene @gmail.com