In this series of Explorations of the Desert, we spend a couple days and nights with photographer, Kaye Macabale.  Kaye Macabale has a knack for capturing the finer moments in life in a journalistic manner.  She shows us how she appreciates the simple beauty of the desert, how it humbles folks, and also let’s them run a little wild at night.  It’s an honest portrayal of what being a teenager in the desert is all about: sneaking onto private tennis courts, climbing into the mountains, getting lost the between rocks, hanging out with skaters, going to Coachella, and long nights spent with friends drinking Jim Bean.  Sweet lifestyle if you ask me.


all photos taken by Kaye Macabale.

all photos featured on her blog,

any questions, please email Kaye at


to submit photos of your explorations of the desert, please send photos/links/etc to: thecoachellavalleyartscene