Hello and welcome back to another wonderful week here on The Coachella Valley Art Scene.

We want to start off by saying “Thank You!” to everyone who made it out to our World Famous monthly party at the Ace Hotel this past Saturday night.  We love hosting that party because it gives us not just an opportunity to meet and see all of you in person, but to also get creative and make crafts and dance with you as well!!!  And I do gotta say…. you guys are really good crafters, and dancers!

Anyways, this week we are focusing on two things: recaping on parties from the past and looking forward to the big parties in our near future: Coachella Fest and the Big 4.

This is an exciting time for all us music and arts fans in the desert and we can’t wait to get the ball rolling.

So, with only 6 weeks till Coachella to go… let’s get started:

1.  World Famous Party Recap. On the last Saturday of every month The Coachella Valley Art Scene and DJ Alf Alpha team up to present to you the best party in Southern California: World Famous!  Nowhere else can you get stiff drinks, Coachella booked talent, a packed dance floor, a free arts and crafts table, and all at a super cool venue, The Ace Hotel.  It’s super killer.  This month’s recap is really good because we not only have photos…. but have even upgraded to video! Woo hoo!!!  Super excited to share all the magic that happened.  Stay tuned!

2.  Doo Wop in the Desert Party Recap. Yikes! So sorry I didn’t post it last week!  I got so busy over here and it was only half done by the time Friday rolled around…. so, this week we have time to finish up the other half.  And trust me, it’s worth the wait.  You all looked so cute!  Some of the photos are so adorable that they are borderline tear jerkers!!

3.   Do Over Recap. This Recap won’t be as intensive as the other two, but it will be just as equally swaged out as the others.  The Do Over is LA’s best Sunday afternoon party and just recently they came to LA to soak up our rays.  The LA people, as you can imagine, loved our vibe and did it up in a fashionable manner.  Eye candy and all that… up in a bit!  Stay tuned.

4.  The 6 Week Countdown. Can you believe that there’s only 6 weeks until COACHELLA FEST!?!?!?!?!  We are SUPER EXCITED!!!!  We have so much fun news and exciting news to share with you: our very own, Alf Alpha getting booked!  And we do an art installation!  Can it get any better than that?!?!  And for all of our readers that are from out of town, this year we are making a CVAS traveler’s guide recommendation to all the places that we think are the coolest in the desert.  You’re gonna love it!!!

5.  Festival of Native Film and Culture. This weekend is a special one in the Coachella Valley because the Festival of Native Film and Culture is in town.  It’s a film festival that is not only entertaining, but also interesting and very informative.  It’s one of my favorite film festivals that comes through the desert all year and we will be letting you know what it’s all about this week.

6.  Cinematheque. Speaking of film, every Thursday a free classic film is screened in the Community Center at the Ace Hotel in Palm Springs.  The free film Thursdays are called, Cinematheque, and it is a community event that I encourage all of you to attend.  It’s all ages and FREE!  A win-win!

7.  Free Film Screening: The Big Sleep.  It used to be all about bar hopping int Downtown Palm Springs, but now it’s all about Free Film Screenings hopping on Thursdays.  Make sure to be at the Palm Springs Art Museum at 5:30pm this Thursday to catch the free film screening of The Big Sleep!  Then, right afterwards, head on over to the Ace Hotel to be apart of the Cinematheque series.

8.  Annual Wild Flower Festival. Did you know that there is an annual Wild Flower Festival in Palm Desert this weekend?  How adorable is that?! I consider Mother nature to be the most talented, diverse and naturally skilled artist out there and I love to promote her work and her art shows.  We all owe Mother Nature a little attention, so why not celebrate all the beauty that we get to see everyday once a year?  More details soon.

9.  Randoms. The Internet is one big cluster of information coming at us like the speed of lightening.  Cool things fly into my mailbox everyday!  So, you never know what might pop up on the blog each week.  Gotta keep those eyes and ears peeled!

10.  Things 2 Do Thursdays. You gotta fight for your right to party!  And everyday we fight for ours!  Looks like you’ve been fighting for yours too because there are tons of good shows going on this weekend.