Spring Cleaning never sounded so fun & refreshing!

The Art Colony is one of our all-time favorite places to buy art supplies in the Coachella Valley, they are one of the few retailers who support street art.  That’s what’s up!  And remember that guy who worked there Mike Weiner?  He is son of the owners and a past employee of the shop, well he is a super cool guy who just started a super cool art blog: http://muralism.tumblr.com/.

So, make sure to go swing by the Art Colony and check out all the sweet art supplies in store.  And now is the time… because it’s Spring Cleaning season!



Pretty good, right?

Well, what’s even better is they have a video that gives you a little teaser to all the art supplies they have.

Check it out:

Art Colony Spring Cleaning Sale. Starts March 8th 2011. from Dandroid TV on Vimeo.


For more and all information, please visit their website: