Hello and welcome back to another week on The Coachella Valley Art Scene.

Last week was a cluster of goodness and badness.  There were so many aesthetically beautiful things going on, it was really hard to document it all.  But, we tried, and did so elegantly against all the hurdles we had to jump: (my) birthday celebration, computer crashing and a demanding day job.  Ahhhhh… life… what to do, what to do?  The only thing is persevere.  Right?!

This week we attempt to stay strong as our best friend (my Mac laptop that I use everyday) has passed away.  It crashed on Sunday night.  Right now I am using the library computer and I feel so “ghetto”.  I’m a bootleg blogger right now.  Sad face.

So, this week we just look forward to the future because the present isn’t always sunny:

1.  FUNDRAISER: The CVAS’s computer crashed and need help raising $$$ to get a new one. Okay, let’s face it – your community arts blogger is a little broke.  It’s the “artist struggle” – or so I tell my Mom.  No, but really – my computer really did crash and I am currently working from the Rancho Mirage library computer and it’s a total bummer, dude.  So, this week we are starting a fundraiser to help the CVAS get enough $$$ to buy a new laptop.  As you can see, there are NO ADVERYISEMENTS on this site.  Nobody gives me $$$ to blog about articles – everything I blog about is because I CHOOSE to blog about it and think it’s important and relevant for all of you.  So, with that being said – this blog is ran out of pure love and dedication to the community and I would GREATLY APPRECIATE it if you could all help me in donating towards me getting a new computer.  Even if it’s just $5. Everyday I produce content for you and it would just really be great to get some support back.  Thanks!  The link is on my facebook: www.facebook.com/thecoachelavalley.artscene

2.   Art Colony’s Huge Sale. With all the money you can be saving at the Art Colony  – you can donate it to your favorite blogger!!  Make sure to stop by the Art Colony TODAY – to check out the ONE DAY SALE at the only art store that really supports street artists (amongst all you other types of creative types out there).

3.  Recaps of Happs from the Past. Well, my collection of pictures from past events were all on my old computer, however, all the good stuff has been documented online. Make sure to come back to see what’s been going down in the low down dirty desert.

4.  Explorations of the Desert. This week we go on a journey with a Coachella Valley fashion designer and her photographer boyfriend.  Together they take us on a journey into the deep and dark, the bright and shiny, the lonely and desolate…. all in the desert.  So good.  Do not miss.

5.  Coachella Coachella Coachella. We are super duper excited for Coachella.  And so many reasons to be!  We have countdowns, lists, suggestions, and highlights. Come back to get hype with us.

6. Cinematheque: Bea Travail. Every Thursday at the Ace Hotel they screen hand-selected cinematic gems.  This is truly something special and beautiful for the arts community of the desert and you all should give it a shot.  More details to come.

7.  Free Second Sundays at the PSAM. The best things in life are free, and the best days at the Palm Springs Art Museum   are the second Sundays of every month because they are FREE!!! More info after the jump off.

8.  Joshua Tree Gallery Crawl. Another excuse to go up to the High Desert?  Yes.  Please.  And thank-you.

9.  Commercial Break. New Youtubes have been poppin up on the daily from local bands and artists.  I can barely pull myself away from the screen.  I might need to start a new fundraiser for new glasses!!!  Hahaha the never ending battle of being a computer nerd.

10.  Randoms. New randoms pop up everyday, around every corner/click, so I never know what might end up on the site.  Make sure to check back in every once in a while to see what goodies I found.

11.  Things 2 Do Thursdays. It’s time to socialize!  Gotta get outta that dungeon you call your art studio and join us in real life human connection – it’s brilliant and excellent and missing your presence.