Welcome back to another glorious week here on The Coachella Valley Art Scene.

Thank you all for being such wonderful readers.  Your support has been fuel to my fire these past couple of weeks!  Love it!  Thank you.

So, what’s going on this week on the bloggity blog?  Well, to be honest, in my personal time all I can talk about is Coachella, so I guess that’s all I’m going to be talking about this week on the blog as well.  but don’t worry, I’m not going to do a whole series on “who you should go see”… I’ll leave that to the music blogs.  What I am going to focus on is cool places to go and hang out while in town.

Since I have a lot of people who read my blog from all over Southern California and the nation, I thought you guys would appreciate some pointers while here in town.

So, this week we point out our personal favorite picks!

let’s get it crackin!:


1.  The Coachella Valley Art Scene’s Coachella Guide. Every year we have special ways in which we count down to Coachella.  This year, we are not just counting down the days, but we are giving you a heads up as well.  We decided to not so much go with the recap aspect of it all and focus on all the people who actually come to the festival – the tourists.  These tourists are my favorite kind – partially because they are my kind, they are kids my age who have similar interest to me.  So, why not give them a little heads up as to where to go when in town?  Need a late night snack?  We got you.  Need a thrift shop?  We got you.  Need a bar – we got you.  We got it covered.  Stay tuned for more!


2.  Coachella Guide: Late Night Munchies. Concert ends, it’s midnight, you got the munchies, OMG, where do you go?  We got a list of the greasiest, bestest, yummiest, late night snacks around the Coachella Valley.


3.  Coachella Guide: Cheap Eats. If your Mom did send you off to Coachella Fest with a brown paper bagged lunch, then make sure to read up on our cheap eats guide to the desert.  Nothing over like… $15 or so.


4.  Coachella Guide: Best Chavelas. Party hard = hangover.  Dang!  Where is the bomb diggity Chavela when you need one?  A nice cold beer mixed in with some spicey tomatoe juice and spicey salt on top cures all.  My mouth is starting to salivate just thinking about it! It’s my personal favorite drink to indugle in the desert, and we show you where we go.


5.  Cinematheque: Messerine Part I and II. Thursdays are the special great days in the desert where you can catch a free film and fill up on not just buttery popcorn, but intellectual stimulation.  The Ace Hotel brings you a dashing series, one that you will not want to miss.


6.  St. Patty’s Day. Okay, let’s face it – St. Patty’s Day parties are the only reason why you’re coming on my blog this week!!! I knew it!  You party animals, you dirty rotten party animals.  Just kidding, of course I know you wanna get your Patty on… I got covered, don’t you worry.


7.  Explorations of the Desert. We have really been enjoying all the photos being posted on Facebook and Twitter from you guys of the desert’s sunrises and sunsets.  As we collect them all, we will post in this week’s Explorations of the Desert…. nostalgia at it’s best.


8.  Commercial Break: The Gooch Drool. The Gooch Drool is at it again.  He just released new short films that lay the desert’s skate culture all out on the line.. and the pavement.


9.  Art Shows a Go Go. Couple good exhibitions opening this weekend, we give you the heads up as to which ones we are excited about.


10.  Randoms. Who knows what we will find next in the big bad world of the world wide web!  Keep an eye out and stay tuned in.


11.   Things 2 Do Thursdays. Things 2 Do Thursday is a post I have been doing for oh… hmm… about 3 years now.  It documents what all the local bands, artists, promoters, and venues are up to after hours in the 760.  Easy way to join in on some fun acitives and make a few cool friends while you are at it!