The Spice Girls new the time, and they new the place.

There’s no better place other then the Mojave Desert to find your alter ego, your inner strength, your girl/boy/other power, and/or to sport your black leather get-ups.  It’s a magical place out here… in the big, wide open, vast area…. which leaves much room for creative thought and expansive thinking.

During the day we explore alone, but at night we connect.  This weekend offers many opportunities to connect with others in local venues, with local promoters, local musicians and other music and night life fans just like yourself.

All you gotta do is say you’ll be there.





Hand (LA) plays a live show of folksy, nostalgic hippy goodness in the Amigo Room.  Free and 21+. Add this to your calendar onFacebook.

rave scene lives on.  call the number to find out when and where.

Date Shed busts out another quality show.  Great venue, something for the East end of the valley to really be proud about.  or, at least I am!





If you can’t make it to Beyond Wonderland… at least make it out to the Date Shed and get your rave fix.




I found this on the internet and thought it looked like fun.  Whatcha think?



Thank you all for tuning into yet another week here on The Coachella Valley Art Scene.  We have been keeping really busy on this end with our day job and are so thankful that you all are so patient with us.  If you are interested in writing for the blog, please hit us up!!  We’d love to get a new voice on here.  Thanks!!