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as mentioned on our Facebook + Twitter:

“As some of you may know, The C.V.A.S. does a large scale art installation at Coachella Fest and will completely focused on our project this week and may not have any time to blog. Sorry!!! But this is our time to shine for our entire Valley. Gotta represent! Make sure to check out the website: for all details on what we are doing. Looking forward to seeing you guys there!” – Sarah of the CVAS


Plain and simple!  We don’t even have time to elaborate.  It’s all about work, work, work so come Thursday thousands of people can come and experience all of the greatness that Coachella and the Coachella Art Studios is.


For more information on what The Coachella Valley Art Scene will be doing at Coachella Fest 2011, please visit:


“An interactive art space where everyone is a contributing artist. Be a mover and create a shaker, or play muse to a makeover crew. The Coachella Valley Art Scene presents a whole list of free D.I.Y. arts and crafts ready for your creative vision. Ever want to make your own zine, work with a hammer and nails, and/or be your own cutting edge fashion designer? It’s all ready for you, centrally located in the campgrounds next to the General Store from 10am-1pm. And for all you who are naturally nocturnal, join our Midnight Crafters, after the show from 12am-2am.”



you can also find us on the Coachella website under Camping>Car/Tent Camping>CAS



Because we are in our final stages of production, and the person who is the curator to the Coachella Art Studios is the same person who runs this blog (*cough* me), it will be nearly impossible to do both.  So, the Coachella Valley Art Scene will be put on hold this week.  We will most likely be posting maybe one or two things tomorrow evening.  We will most likely be doing a big feature on Alf Alpha (who we have much good news to share with you about what stage he will be playing and what time) + on The Coachella Art Studios + and on some Coachella parties.  Other than that – we wil ctach up with everything next week!

Thanks for being so supportive!!!


Hope to see you at Coachella!!


If you have any questions (besides, “Can you get me a ticket”, which I can not) please contact Sarah at