Coachella….. yeah…

Coachella is awesome, always has been, and always will be.  I feel so lucky to be able to have such an epic event take place in my home town.  The level of convenient is way high up on the Richter scale.  So much so that I realized that this was my 10th year going!  And to be honest, every year it reaches a new level of intensity for me.  Every level is a higher level of pure chaos that gracefully transitions into a deeper level of discovery by the end of the weekend.  And I love it.  Once I fully embraced that no matter how much I plan in advanced I will never really know what my Coachella experience will be, who I’ll end up seeing, and/or how it will turn out, it all works out perfectly from there.  If I really want to “do Coachella” the “right way” I had make amends with the spirits of the desert and be down to roll with the punches.  And for Coachella 2011, with the punches I rolled…


On the plate this year were a couple things:

* The Coachella Valley Art Scene curating the Coachella Art Studios

* my favorite DJ, Alf Alpha, made the lineup not once, but twice

* Erykah Badu + many others

*camping all weekend

* 97 degrees on Saturday



And the story goes….

(the official handout that every Coachella-er gets)


In the desert heat, when I looked at the Coachella handouts they looked a little something like this…. and no it wasn’t a mirage!!!


Yeah, that’s The Coachella Valley Art Scene in the Coachella handout!  We made the Coachella Art lineup for the second time!!! Yay!



That’s our DJ, Alf Alpha, opening up Coachella 2011 at the Sahara tent!!! Reppin the 760!!!  Haaaaaayyyy!!!



Alf Alpha also played in the Oasis Dome on Saturday!!! That was such a great experience – I saw sooooooo many locals supporting Alf Alpha.  It was such a special experience to me that I made it the “A Coachella Recap” main picture.  Wouldn’t have been possible without all of you guys.



Who camped at Coachella? This was my 3rd year camping out there.  And don’t look at me weird – it’s actually a great experience!!!  I highly recommend it.  You get to meet people from all over the world – it’s so awesome.  I love just telling people I’m from the desert and bragging about the sunsets and negative ions that come off the mountains.  Plus, that’s where the Coachella Art Studios is located – which, is the BEST part of Coachella (duh).  😉

If you did camp at Coachella, then I am sure you received an issue of CAMP Magazine published by URB Magazine.  Well, if you open up to the main spread there you will find a lovely 2 page cover on Alf Alpha – who is giving all the visitors his local valley recommendations on where to go, what to eat, and places to shop.  Yay for a 2 page spread!!!

I took this photo of Alf Alpha in the campgrounds.


* * *

So, Friday rolls around and while I am simultaneously organizing and managing the Coachella Art Studios, I am also attending Alf Alpha’s opening gig at the Sahara tent!  Check out the video of our local DJ rocking the bodies of thousands of people.  Way to do it!



So awesome – right?!?!

We are so proud of him!



Here’s a photo, provided by Alf Alpha.  He had the best view in the house on the two turntables.

Can you see me??  I’m that chick in the middle with sunglasses???…. jk  But for reals I was there and I was dancing the entire time.



Oh and while Alf Alpha was DJing the camera guy got a close up of Fresh Out the Box’s Coachella shirt!!! The Coachella Valley was definitely in the house at that moment!


* * *

Saturday, after I had finished doing the Coachella Art Studio, I ran over to accompany Alf Alpha at the Oasis Dome.  This was to be the show that all of our friends could make it out to.  And… boy did they ever.  Even Alf Alpha’s family from Mexico City was in the house!!!



2:00pm – be there or be square!



Some Alf Alpha fans in the crowd.  You ladies are AWESOME!!!! They hyped up the whole crowd with their energy and enthusiasm for Alf Alpha.  The 760 was definitely in the house.



There were the girls with the Alf Alpha banners and then there where the girls with the Alf Alpha t-shirts!!!  You guys were awesome too.


* * *

So, the Coachella Art Studios….

the Coachella Art Studios run Friday, Saturday and Sunday from 10:00am – 1:00pm-ish.  And we also open up Thursday, Friday and saturday night from midnight – 2:00am-ish as well.

Last year, Alf Alpha Djed all 3 days in the Art Studios, this year he only made it out Saturday and Sunday – which was cool.  Another DJ that was in there was my good friend from the INland Empire, DJ Jimbo Jenkins!  He is pretty awesome – swagged out.



Anyways, more importantly then the DJ is the fact that thousands of people are making art for free under the Coachella Art Studios tent.

And the DJs aren’t the only ones making music to groove too… we have a art workshop hosted by the local blond siren, Shelley Cush.  She teaches people how to make their own musical instrument from recycled materials!  Check out the photo I took of her inside the Coachella Art Studios below:



Inside the Coachella Art Studios we had a “Post Chella” craft where you could design your own post card and send it to a friend or family member or yourself.  Leave a memorable note and we will mail it for you.  People also had the opportunity to have a random post card sent to themselves from a stranger in the Coachella Art Studios – making pen pals happen one Coachella at a time!!

Check out the vintage typewriter we even had out there:



People were getting down – Romeo & Juliet style – it was adorable.



The Coachella Art Studios, in my opinion, is the best art party in all of Southern California – quite possibly the world!  We got the DJs pumping the good jams and everyone is making art – for free!  Does it… can it… get much better than that?


Stranger Portraits.  Where two people can sit down and draw each other – so interesting.


A lot of campers loved decking out their Coachella handout.  This is just one of many that I saw.  Such a cute idea!!!  Makes it that much more memorable… and harder to loose track of.


Kylie Knight, another beautiful blond siren from the Coachella Valley, hosted the E-Wasteland art workshop.  People made sunglasses, masks, jewelry and even framed photos from her e-waste!  So cool – and funny.


Kara Iverson, Palm Springs High School art teacher and Palm Springs Art Museum art instructor, hosted the DIY screen printing workshop allowing all the campers to personalize any and everything they could get their hands on.  People mad their own shirts, camp flags, and much more..


Coachella Art Studios is not only a great place to actually meet other people, but has also gained a reputation of being the best place to pick up on chicks at Coachella for 2010 and 2011!  Yay!


Ladies – don’t worry, it’s a great place to pick up on guys as well.  Seeing the boys gets down on crafts is not only insightful – but adorable!


It’s all about the music at Coachella – but it’s also all about the art – here is an example of someone doing both.


Lady Gaga – you were missed!!! Can we please see her on the lineup next year???

(*this bow was made from felt … how adorable!)


All three days the Coachella Art Studios remained this busy – it was pretty awesome to see!!!


* * *


The last night at Coachella is always the saddest.  You realize that your Post Coachella Depression is going to kick in about 8 hours from the last act and it’s just sad knowing the inevitable.

To brighten everyone’s spirits, the campgrounds host a raging party in the Roller Rink!  Who else to rock the party other than Alf Alpha??

Sunday night, Roller Rink, Alf Alpha… yeah, it was fun!

A great way to end Coachella 2011.

* * *


So – that’s my first Coachella Recap!  There will be another one coming once I get all of the Coachella Art Studios video edited and uploaded to Youtube/Vimeo.  I also am in the process of getting all of the photos.  So, as soon as I have all of that I will make sure to share that with you as well!  Expect about a month….


To find out more about the Coachella Art Studios, please visit:


for any questions regarding the Coachella Art Studios, please email me at


Thanks for reading – more to come in a month!…