About two weeks ago Kimberly Nichols of the Desert Sun conducted an interview with me.  She covered everything from my work as the writer for The Coachella Valley Art Scene to my work for Coachella fest curating and organizing the Coachella Art Studios and all that led up to both.

As you may have figured out already, the Coachella Valley Art Scene is not the place where I talk about myself, it’s where I more-so talk about all of the young creative movers and shakers of the Coachella Valley…. so, to be quite honest, I was a little hesitant about sharing this story with you all.  But, I figured, maybe you guys would be interested in getting to know your community arts blogger/promoter on a personal level?  Or maybe I’m just on a mission to prove I’m not just a spambot/robot/blogbot… I’m a real person!!!  With a heart and soul and I have a lot of energy and passion.  I swear!!!

Anyways, since I had never really opened up about myself in the three (3) years of blogging for you guys I figured this would be the perfect time to.  The Coachella Art Studios at the Coachella Valley Music and Arts Festival 2011 was an amazing experience and I am so proud that I got to share it with so many local artists from the Coachella Valley and Inland Empire.  Read below to find out how it all happened and what it’s all about!


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INTERVIEW: Sarah of The Coachella Valley Art Scene

all words by Kimberly Nichols of the Desert Sun / The Indio Sun


It’s no surprise that Goldenvoice chose a Desert Hot Springs-bred artist in 2009 to create an art presence at the Coachella Valley Music and Arts Festival.

Running an arts and culture blog in the desert, Sarah Scheideman had just the right blend of “connected” and “hip” for the job.

This weekend, she will be staging the third Coachella Art Studios smack in the middle of the campground area. Anyone who attends the festival can visit her space and make a variety of interactive arts and crafts items.

The Chop Shop will feature a station where people can shred, cut and adorn T-shirts to their individual tastes.

Cardboard Creations will feature the art of recycling as people learn to make things from the universal material.

Zine Works will allow people to create an instant publication. People can also make paper bag mushrooms to add to the faux garden onsite installation.

This is only a small sample of the many activities that will be offered.

The Indio Sun spoke with Scheideman about the event and the art scene in the desert.



QUESTION: How do you feel about your role as art maven at Coachella?

ANSWSER: I had been going to Coachella every year since I was a junior in high school. I loved the idea of offering art activities for free and from there developed it even further.

I reached out to people I knew who were great local artists that did some kind of D.I.Y. craft.

In a sense, I was thrown into the fire, but they picked the perfect person for the job.

Now, in my third year of doing it, I have perfected my organizational skills and am focused on bringing interesting, thought-provoking crafts that not only teach people how to rethink but to also build a special community amongst ourselves.


(inside the Coachella Art Studios at Coachella 2011)


Where are you from originally, and when did you first get into art in general?

I am from Desert Hot Springs. I really got into art when I was a junior in high school. I had just learned about what real hip hop was and was enthralled with the whole philosophy behind it.

Because of this fascination and curiosity, I found myself at the local concerts such as Nocturnal Wonderland and Coachella Valley Music and Arts Festival and from there, the rest was history.

Did you go to college for art?

I went to College of the Desert and took just about every art class possible. At one point, I wanted to be professional screen printer. However, when my film teacher at College of the Desert introduced me to video art, I made the final decision to transfer to the University of California, Riverside and get my bachelor’s of art in film and visual culture.


(Zine Works, making your own zine workshop, at the Coachella Art Studios 2011)


Why did you start Coachella Valley Art Scene blog, and what were your hopes with that?

It began after I returned home from college. I wanted to continue the art and culture lifestyle for myself but because I had been gone for two years and many of my friends had moved away or started families, I was a little removed from what was going on locally. I knew the best way for people to come together was through the Internet, so I decided to make a blog.

What has your response been to the Coachella Art Studios?

The people who camp at Coachella are from all around the world! I meet kids from Australia, Mexico, China, Germany and eastern parts of the United States.

The campgrounds are like a temporary, pop-up community for all of us out there.

The Coachella Art Studios is the only place on the festival ground that offers something completely free … that is not “label” based and requires you to make it yourself.


(camper shows off her newly vamped Coachella concert handout at the Coachella Art Studios)


(girl makes a Lady Gaga inspired bow from felt to wear inside the concert at the Coachella Art studios 2011)


What do you think about the current art scene in the desert and its vibe?

It’s exciting to see people coming together, and new artists emerging, and it’s even more exciting to see the younger generations being inspired by the older generations. When you look at an artist lineup at the Date Shed, or a night at the Dillon Roadhouse, you see multi-music genres on the same bill and different types of visual artists on display. I love it.


(campers work with recycled e-waste materials to make picture frames and much more in the Coachella Art Studios)


(The Coachella Art Studios 2011 in full effect!)



To watch videos, link up with our Facebook page, read more about each workshop, please visit the Coachella Art Studios website.




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