This week on The Coachella Valley Art Scene we are very excited to introduce to you some of the upcoming visionaries and artists from the surrounding Coachella Valley High Schools and Middle Schools who will be featuring their latest projects in the Palm Springs Student Short Film Festival tonight (April 28th) at 7:30pm and on Saturday (April 20th) at 9:00am.

We took a moment to chat it up with Tracie and ask her a few questions about what she has submitted to the film festival this year.  We are really looking forward to checking out Tracie’s new material as we remember her from her last year’s stop animation feature at the PSSSFF 2010.  What we really love about Tracie is that she has been continuing to produce good material for the last years and you can really see it in her work.  Make sure to check out her Vimeo to see the progression.  What I like best is that the flow of her videos are slowly but surely becoming more fluid and beautiful, not to mention the music is cutting edge and incorporated organically into piece.

Make sure to check out Tracie, amongst many other of her peers, tonight (and Saturday night) at the Camelot Theaters in Palm Springs!  There is where you will be able to follow the young artists’ creative careers from their first projects out.  So fun!

So… without further ado… I present…. Tracie Hang…


INTERVIEW: Tracie Hang

featured student filmmaker at the Palm Springs Student Short Film Festival 2011


Name: Tracie Hang
Age: 17
What school do you go to? Palm Springs High School
Tell me a little bit about your film.  What’s the synopsis?..
Well, firstly, my films are all stop motion, its very different from all the typical films being shown. I submitted three films, & all three are going to be shown! Exciting! One is called City vs. Nature, which is just basically a bunch of photos of the city and nature! The title says it all! Second video is called, Last Request. I asked a hand full of random people, asking them, what do they want to do before they die. Third film is called Sound Works. It is a musical type of film, where I take tons of object & make a noise with it, then put it together, to make a beat!
What inspired you to create such a film?
I love stop motion films, so anything made in a stop motion style, is inspiring to me.



How long did it take to produce?  Who helped you make it happen (cast members, film crew, etc)?
It doesn’t take a long to “film” (more like take a bunch of pictures) but it does take a while to edit because you have to take one picture at a time & edit it and who helped me make it happen? Just friends and family motivating me. Everything is all done by me.
What did you enjoy the most about making your own Short Film?
I just enjoyed the feeling to pressing that “produce/finish” button in my editing software. Its that moment where you’re like.. “YESSS!! ALL THIS HARD WORK… THIS FILM, IT IS DONEEE!! WOOOHOOOO!!”

UCLA FIELD TRIP : LATIN 3 | STOP MOTION from Tracie Hang on Vimeo.

Do you see yourself pursuing a career in film making?  Got any projects in the works?
No, surprisingly I don’t want to do anything in film making. When I comes to making videos/films usually produce random stuff.. nice random stuff.. haha!
Do you specialize in film, or do you do other kinds of art/hobbies too?  If so, what are your other passions?
Filming is not my thing, hahah. I do have other art hobbies. I LOVE graphic designing, photography, painting and designing clothes. Currently, I’m a freelance photographer & graphic designer, I am making my own prom dress. Painting, I paint whenever I have the chance.


Where can we find you on the web?

Online portfolio (I still need to finish up on layout, haha) //

Vimeo //

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Tracie’s newest works will be on the big screen at this year’s Palm Springs Student Short Film Fest 2011:
more info on film fest at: