Sounds of the Desert: Summer Jams is a feature that highlights the latest LP/EP/Mixtape releases from Coachella Valley musicians, bands, DJs, soloists, and everything in between.

In the heat of the summer in the middle of the desert is when and where some of the best music is made.

And what’s a Summer, a road trip, a memory, a time capsule without a soundtrack?…


* * *


In our first edition of Summer Jams we reintroduce Mic Legg.  A reintroduction?  Yes, well, Mic Legg is no stranger to The Coachella Valley Art Scene. We have featured his albums and music videos many-a-time.  Each time it’s a new season, a new vibe, a new look and new sound.  And we appreciate that.  Mic Legg (also known as Graffiti Jesus) is consistant, confident, and constantly creating.  An artist.


Another aspect to Mic Legg that we appreciate is that he is always collaborating with fellow desert artists.  This particular Sounds of the Desert: Summer Jams features Mic Legg’s “Graff: Radio : BBoy Science”, a project that he had the opportunity to collabo on with popular desert music producers, Alf Alpha, DJ Day, and DJ ODC.  Also  featured on the album is a track titled, “We Squared”, with fellow Hip Hop vocalist God Awful.  His album artwork was designed by Rabet of CBS (black & white Graff Radio piece) and Lester of NHS (Graff Radio: BBoy Science album cover).  And as any mad scientist can tell you, when you throw all of these different artists into the mix, the final poation is not just an album, but a time capsule.


For all the reasons that make one a fan of MC Mic Legg; rawness, content, lyrical delivery and loyalty to the true essence of what Hip Hop is all about, are all the same reasons you’ll enjoy his latest Summer release, Graff Radio: BBoy Science.

So, without further ado… I present to you Sthe art work, the audio and the web addresses to link up…



Listen and download the entire album here:




Places to find Mic Legg on the web:





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Have an album/EP/Mixtape or anything like that coming out this Summer?  Let me know!  We are attempting to release a Sounds of the Desert: Summer Jams every week.  Email your links, sounds, video, and anything else to Sarah at thecoachellavalleyartscene @  Thanks!