Last week we did something we don’t normally do….

we ditched blogging, unexpectedly, for a whole week!


In the 3 years that we have been running the blog we have never done that.  Kinda crazy, right?  Well, what’s also a little on the crazy side is that when I very commonly say ,”WE”, I am really just referring to me and my alter ego a.k.a. my blogging writing style.  So, yes, after adding it all up you have probably figured it out that this is a one woman show!  There is only one person who writes for this blog so when I am out partying it up – I don’t have any back up.  Sad, but true.  Actually, nobody is complaining over here.  I love writing for you guys, it fuels me, but every now and then I gotta step away from the blogesphere and ummm…. well… party it up!!!  Social situations, such as parties, are great sources of inspiration for me.

Last week, as you can imagine, I soaked all sorts of inspiration.


My best friend + muse + one of the main inspirations to start this blog, Alf Alpha, invited me to a week-long party that he was asked upon to rock last week.  At first, it sounded a little crazy….. a week long party?!?!  Say what!  But, when he told me it was for Adidas – I didn’t even think twice.  I packed my bags and headed into town.  And okay, maybe I accidentally left my computer at home… but that besides the point!  Haha….


So, here are just a few pictures from the week long party extravaganza.  As you can see, I got to meet some of my music, fashion, and brand icons.  So awesome.  big thank you to Alf Alpha for inviting(/distracting) me.


* * * * *


So, when i first went to meet up with Alf Alpha he was getting ready to rock the stage for Adidas.  The stage design was a little jaw dropping…. to say the least!


The runway was laced with Adidas flooring and even the chairs were stylin’.  Swag.

Alf Alpha pleying to the Adidas crowd was pretty awesome.  I saw so many heads bobbing in the audience, everyone seemed to really be feeling it.  He pley so good!


Here’s a self portrait of myself in the ladies room, doing lady things, sporting my freshest Adidas ladies sports  jacket!


Outside of DJing for the show and the parties, there were many perks!  One of them being getting to meet the President of the Adidas company!  This photo was taken right after Alf Alpha showed off his soccer skills for the main man.

*side note: Alf Alpha is actually a soccer player before he is a DJ!  So, just imagine how good he is at soccer.  He pley futbol so good!



In between hang out seshes and ball dribbling, Alf Alpha would get on the stage and show off his DJ skills.  I, personally, was impressed with the stage design, the lighting, and the colors.



I like this green and orange combo.  The camera guy was really filming some cool action shots of Alf Alpha scratching…. with guest appearances made by the Alf Alpha X Epidemic Skateshop sunglasses!! haha



One of the highlights of the week was Jeremy Scott!  One of my favorite fashion designers.  I really truly believe that he has the freshest, funnest, most cutting edge style out today.  Such an innovator.  I can dig it.



The grand finale to the week long party was a pool party… featuring Alf Alpha, DJ Quick and Snoop Dogg!  It was toooo dope.  Check out these photos I snapped while chillin’ poolside.






Here is DJ Quick on the laptop, Snoop Dogg on the microphone and Alf Alpha drinkin’, smokin’ straight west coastin’ right along with them.  The stage was pretty high up.



Probably the most epic photo taken all weekend.  Sums it up in a nut shell.


* * * * *


And that, my friends, is why I wasn’t blogging last week!!!


However, this week is all work and no play!  Back to the grind, back to the blogging, back to life, back to reality….