Welcome to 2011.  The year when just when you thought there wasn’t enough social networks out there, a better one pops up and makes you wanna ditch all your other ones.  Theres…. Twitter, which is faster and cooler then Facebook…. There’s Tumblr, which is faster and prettier than Youtube…. however, one can not go without having the others.  So, instead of falling behind in the Social Network circut, you must join it.  In joining, you should add The Coachella Valley Art Scene!  We love following all of the locals and non-locals to keep in the loop with what your interests are.

So, if you do have one of the following Social Networks and we aren’t already linked up, let’s link!



In a 140 characters or less we provide a small description and link to our new blog posts.  Here is where we link up with local businesses and community members and are able to stay up-to-date with their minute-by-minute life updates.






Tumblr is easy-breezy micro-blogging.  This is where we share photos of the Coachella Valley that we find on the internet.  Here is where you can catch a taste of what we dig aesthetically.







Youtube is like our TV channel.  We post videos from time to time, and may parties from the past have been captured here.  You can also see other videos that we have liked and commented on.





Facebook Fan Page:

We have a Facebook friend page, which has almost has 5,000 friends (yikes!  the max is 5,000) so, we started up a Facebook friend page and are encouraging everyone to start “liking” the Facebook fan page.  here you can get the links first and all sorts of other perks!




Hope this helps!  We look forward to linking up!

-The CVAS Blog