This week is…

Palm Springs Restaurant Week!


And although we aren’t qqquuuiiittteee sure what that is, we thought  we’d share it with you guys anyways.  It seems like a good idea for those of you who love to go out to experience exceptional cuisine, but are a little bored of what all the restaurants in the desert have to offer.

Well, foodies, stress no more… this week all your favorite places to wine and dine have temporarily changed up their menu and are offering a special dish just for you.


Seems like a great idea for date night… **hint hint

To clarify exactly what the Palm Springs Restaurant Week really means I have copied and pasted the information from their website below.  Make sure to read and then visit the website to get the list of restaurants.


Fellas, do something nice for your lady.  Ladies, thank me later…




What is Palm Springs Desert Resorts Restaurant Week?
The 2011 Palm Springs Desert Resorts Restaurant Week will showcase over 100 restaurants, hotels & attractions over the entire valley from Palm Springs to Indio from June 3 – June 12, 2011.

How do I take part in Palm Springs Restaurant Week?
No passes, tickets or coupons are required. Instead, diners may simply visit their favorite participating restaurants throughout the 10 days to enjoy the special prix fixe dinner menus. It is strongly recommended that diners make reservations in advance. To make a reservation, diners may contact restaurants directly or by links on the website.

Which restaurants, hotels & attractions are involved?
A complete list of participating businesses is available on the website or you may call your favorite restaurants to see if they are participating.

Are reservations required?
Reservations are strongly encouraged, but walk-ins are appreciated. There is no guarantee that walk-in guests will be accommodated. To make a reservation, diners may contact restaurants directly or by using through our website.

Will the menus be different at each restaurant?
Yes. The idea of Restaurant Week is to look at all of the menus and decide what looks best and figure out the restaurants that you would like to try. All of the restaurants will offer three-course dinners, which will include several choices for each course. Remember, the $24 or $36 DOES NOT INCLUDE beverages or tax and gratuity.

Do you have to order off the special prix fixe during Restaurant Week?
No. Some of the restaurants will also offer their regular menu as well. Diners are encouraged to try the special Restaurant Week menu but it is not required.

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