Paul Frank is doing a mobile tour this summer and they are stopping at the Ace Hotel in Palm Springs, this Sunday, June 26th!!


It seems like a cool opportunity for the right person.  Take some time to check out this gig and possibly rep for your city!!


Check out all the details below:



Part of each event is an art contest, Creation Station (

Paul Frank is asking people to submit their own Paul Frank inspired art or they can use our tools/template they have on their website.  People will then vote on their favorite and the top 20 will be displayed on their pop-up art wall.

At the events, people will vote on their favorite.  That winner will be voted on with the winners from the other markets at the very end of the tour and the favorite from all markets will be made into a Paul Frank t-shirt and flown down to spend the day with the Paul Frank creative team!


Check out all the cities they are touring…. all the coolest cities in the Unites States, Palm Springs being one of them… of course!




You can either use their templates, and add to their characters…. or…



… design your own and upload it to their website!



Here are some really awesome Paul Frank fan art that I found online that I thought were super cool and a great source of inspiration:


design by Mel Marcelo


design by Mel Marcelo



To get any and all information on Paul Frank’s Academy of Awesome please click here: