Crowd for Blackstrap Molasses, photo by Ken Foto


Blackstrap Molasses Album Release Party Opening

words by: Young Taylor

Last Saturday, June 25 the Date Shed in Indio played host to an album
release party for Blackstrap Molasses. The hometown band was joined in
celebrating with good friends the Marquees, Lazy River and DJ Sodality.

Lazy River kicked off the night with some absolutely beautiful music.
Although the band features members of such veteran desert bands as
Dreamcatcher and Jungles, it was surprising to find out that this was
only their second show with the lineup. Expect big things from them.


Lazy River

The Marquees made the five-hour trek from the Central Coast town of
Nipomo into our unforgivable desert oven and did not disappoint.
Guitarists Bo and Gar traded off vocal duties for some garage rock
stompers and even threw in a cover of “You’re Gonna Miss Me” by
the 13th Floor Elevators. YES. Even DJ Sodality was up front and
dancing before her first set.


The Marquues


Blackstrap Molasses took to the stage with a string of brand new songs.
Leader Dani Meza only paused long enough between to encourage the dance
party unfolding at the Date Shed. In total, the band crammed 17 songs
into 50 minutes, even adding the last three songs as Dani exclaimed,
“Let’s start a mosh pit!” before breaking into the title track of
their cassette EP, Drag Your Hands & Feet.



blackstrap molasses

Dani of Blackstrap Molasses





Ryan Tizai of Lazy River on fuzzed out ukulele
Near-capacity crowd; word is the biggest the Date Shed has had since
opening last fall
Lot’s of kids out dancing. Kudos to the Date Shed for the 15+ show
The energy from the stage matched by the crowd; everyone having a blast
Breakdancing from Odd Squad and pals between bands during DJ
Sodality’s sets
Lot’s of art on display from local artists

Blackstrap Molasses’ new album, “Honeycomb… Sweet to the Soul”
is available now. They play an all ages show at the IPAC today with
Rock’s Cool all the way from Quebec and local punk band Campaigning
for Zeroes.

The Marquees enjoyed the desert so much, they want to come back when the
weather gets a little cooler. They were added last minute to the
Growlers gig in San Luis Obispo this past Tuesday.

Lazy River’s next gig is July 16 with War Drum at the new Hood in Palm

DJ Sodality began her first Friday residency at the Ace Hotel last


* all photos provided by Gerry Maceda, Palm Springs Metromix


crowd by ken foto