And welcome back to another glorius week on The Coachella Valley Art Scene.

Short work week in your office = short work week on The CVAS as well.

And there is nothing wrong with that.  Sometimes you need a little “throw-a-way” week in the midst of the summer to keep you on your toes.  And every so often, as a blogger, I need a week to catch up with myself and gather all the good material from you guys.  Finding out about all this fun stuff just doesn’t just like…. magically appear on the computer screen!  So, this is the perfect week to make it happen.  Not only is it a short week, but it’s a weird-weather-week also and those are two deadly combos for any computer nerd….

So, without further ado, let’s get this short week started…

1.  Wednesday Night Rendezvous.  Hump Day in the desert is fun again.  Wednesday now not only consisit of Voodoo R&B brought to you on the wheels of steel by Howie Pyro in the Amigo Room, but they also just added stand-up comedy to the mix as well.  Come around 8pm and stay till about 2am.  It’s free.  Free + Fun= match made in Hump Day heaven.

2.  Sunday = Funday, Funday = Freeday.  What’s free, fun, for the whole family, features film screenings, walks through the museum, and unlimited amounts of air conditioning in the desert??  There’s only one place… the Palm Springs Art Museum!  This Sunday it’s free for all to attend!! Door are going to be wide open, all you have to do is show up.  This week we will break it down what exhibits are going on and what films will be screened.

3.  Art Shows a Go Go.  This week we highlight some of our favorite art shows that are going down here in the desert this weekend.  Make sure to come back for that one.

4.  Interviews.  I have a couple interviews backed up on my computer and I am think they are going to be released in the the wild (aka the internet) this week!!  Interviews are hands down, my FAVORITE thing to do, so look forward to some cool features.

5.  Party Recaps. Major parties have been going in the low down these past couple weeks.  This week, we feature some of the best events… and the best photos from that event.  Cheers!

6.  Commercial Break.  Don’t take the term, “Commercial Break” too literally… espeically when you are on The Coachella Valley Art Scene.  Commercial Break, in our terms, means a blog post dedicated to our favorite Youtube made for and by the local, young desert community members.  Each video offers something different.  Basically, we are cuarting our own TV channel… on the Internet.  Do join…

7.  Randoms.  As always, on the Internet, you never kno wwhat to expect!  So, always keep an eye and ear out…. make sure to always be checking our Facebook or our Twitter for updates on what we post next!  Thanks!

8.  Things 2 Do Thursday.  Party time!  Party at your local venues, with your local talent, promoted by local organizers with fellow local (and visiting) music fans!  It’s a win-win for not only enjoying the night…but also helping your local ecomony.