Few things in life are better than riding on your newly cleaned Vespa in the middle of the desert with nothing around you, just the wind in your hair and your #1 babe at your side….

and, to top it all off… you’re cruising downhill.


This week in the desert, we get very close to topping moments like the one captured in the photo above…. close.

Your own special/akward/dangerous/exciting/emotion/simple moments can be experienced and created here:


DJ Day didn’t go to Chicago, but he is going to Reunion.  Must be fate.

The Hood is in a brand new place featuring some brand new sounds and visuals that you’ve never heard before.

Slipping Into Darkness + Mexico = chaos (aka shurping).  You down?  


This party flyer wins for “Party Flyer of the Week” because it has a RECYCLE symbol on it.  Oh, and some pretty f*ckin awesome punk bands from the East end of the Valley as well.

I could blabber about whatever, but Ace says it best: “Each month on a Friday, DJ Kyle Mabson curates a live music residency with bands that we think are awesome — locals, aliens, domestics, and adventurers of all ilks.  July 15 : Geoff Geis and Kid Infinity.  Kyle Mabson is a musician who has worked with many bands most notably XBXRX, Dan Deacon, and most recently Skull Tape. He also does sound and booking for LA DIY venues Pehrspace and The Smell. He has booked the likes of No Age, Mika Miko, HEALTH, Dan Deacon, Abe Vigoda, and Future Islands to name a few.”

I just noticed that the Date Shed switched up their flyers.  Sweet.  A little east valley swagger on the bill.


I love the name, “It’z Crackin Ent.”!!!  However, this is my first time reading about Space 120 shutting down and I am sad about that.  Space 120 was a GREAT venue and it will forever live on in my memory.







Summer time in the desert typically leads to punk infested shows cuz we are all going a little nuts in this heat… so, sometimes you just need some good ol‘ psych music to bring you back to life.  Know what I mean?

You know what’s up…. Party is going to be punk as fuck!








I’m gonna let Ace describe what’s going down: “Ubiquity Records and Ace invite you over for the weekend to celebrate their 20 year anniversary featuring the likes of Thomas PM, DJ Kei and Michael McFaddin. Stop by the Amigo Room on July 16 from 10pm to close or the Swim Club pool on July 17from noon to 5pm.”





ANother Ace Hotel night that can only be best described by the Ace Hotel peeps themselves:  “Have a super gay time Monday nights at Ace with LaissezAller: late nights with Mark Lee of The Village People, and dinner in King’s Highway during Sissy Bingo with Linda Gerard. Raunchy songs, live showtunes, R&B, really good burgers, amazing prices and dancing til the wee hours (or until your bedtime).  Mark was a founding member of The Village People and has been singing and performing jazz, Broadway, R&B and soul for decades. He brings enormous personality and this incredible baritone voice to Monday Night Cabarets every week — we suggest making a habit out of catching him in action.  Come early for dinner or drinks in King’s Highway and win big at Sissy Bingo with the world famous singing hostess extraordinaire, Linda Gerard, 7 to 9pm. Prizes include champagne, homemade cookies and flattering attention from Linda (a hot commodity around these parts).”



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