Greetings from the sunny side of California.

Where the living is easy and party scene goes hard.


DJ Day… every Thursday… at the Ace…keep it #based.


Small party flyer for the win…


Going down at Pappy and Harriets… KCRW presents Jessica Lea Mayfield & Ferraby Lionheart

Is anyone reading the text??  Yeah, didn’t think so.  Blackstrap Molasses + guests at Ace Hotel.

New venue, new levels… lots of musical genres…

Nothing wrong with a red cup foam party….

Space 120 + Soul Opus + crazy sunsets on the west

And in Palm Desert… sweet reggae music at the barn…


Hip Hop and spook rock… pretty psychedelic.

Going down at Pappy & Harriets… The Country! (Jesika Von Rabbit & Todd Rutherford of Gram Rabbit)


Lots of information, lots of people DJing, if you go for anything… go for the free art.

* * * *

Thank you, all of you, who continue to read and support The Coachella Valley Art Scene.  Views don’t go unnoticed or underappreciated.  All work done here is for all y’all to enjoy and soak up, live up… so don’t screw it up by not taking up these social opportunities to go out and try something different.  If you want to share with me something that I should know about, then please do email/text/twitter/facebook/tumblr/youtube/spam me at . Thanks again for all the continuous support.

p.s. The main image used for this week’s Things 2 Do Thursday post is dedicated to my hometown, DHS.