Welcome back to another week here on The Coachella Valley Art Scene.

This week we have such exciting news for you that we can barely control our fingertips!  W

So, let’s get the ball rollin’…

1.  WORLD FAMOUS this SATURDAY Night at the Ace Hotel!!!!!!  Yay!!! We are so excited for you to rock and connect with you guys once again this weekend.  World Famous is The Coachella Valley Art Scene and Alf Alpha’s way of connecting back with the community for a night.  FREE entrance, amazing music brought to you by Alf Alpha (Coachella talent and Adidas talent) and free DIY arts and crafts table brought to you by yours truly (The CVAS).  Come party with us because it’s great to connect with you in real time and it’s also great seeing all y’all connect with each other as well…a beautiful thing.

2.  INTERVIEW: Fine Art of Design.  There is a new shop in town to get excited about and it is called the Fine Art of Design!!  It’s a hand-selected vintage clothing shop that also has an independent bookshop nestled inside of it.  And yeah, I love this place.  I am very, very excited to tell you guys all about it because I think you guys will love it too.  One of the main reasons that I am excited about this store (beyond the amazing merchandise and atmosphere) is that the shop is owned and operated all by two beautiful girls and one charming gent, all under 25-years-old.  Yes, you read right… under 25 years old.  I find this incredibly ambitious and exciting and I think this could really set the bar and create culture for all us youngins out there.  It’s important to support so go check it out!  It’s centrally located in Palm Desert, right off HWY 111, between San Pablo Ave and San Luis Rey Ave.

3.  Wednesday Night Rendezvous.  Wednesdays are like the new Thursdays in the Coachella Valley. They are almost more exciting to go out on then a Saturday night just because you know you will battle the clock in the morning before work the next day.  So, it encourages you to enjoy the night that much more.  This Wednesday, similar to the last couple Wednesdays, have been no exception to the rule…. it’s party time.  Come back tomorrow to see what’s going down around town after dark.

4.  LA Rising FREE for East Valley Residents?!?!  Yup, yup, it’s true.  The deal breaker is that you have to be 18 years of age or older and be an East Valley resident (La Quinta – Mecca).  You also need to show up at the Date Festival fairgrounds between 3:00pm – 5:00pm THIS THURSDAY to register and save your spot on the BUS that will take you from Indio all the way to the LA Coliseum on Saturday – yes… all this for free just because you are an East Valley resident.  Almost too good to be true – right!!??!?!?!?  Wrong – this is the real deal kiddos – so get on it because LA Rising is going to be a sick ass show!

5.  Coachella Valley Burrito Project.  There is a new movement in the desert that currently inspiring me.  It’s one brave man, by the name of Carlos Munoz, who is all of 22 years old who is taking it upon himself to make burritos for the homeless people in his community and pass them around…. all by himself, on his bike.  Seriously, a great story that i can’t wait to share with you guys.

6.   Get Outta Town: Iran.  Every Thursday (during the summer) is the free foreign film series at the Palm Springs Art Museum.  All you gotta do is show up at 6:00pm to the Annenberg Theater and brace yourself to explore the world via the big screen.

7.  Top Tumblr of the Week!  Last week we ranted and raved about local artist, Kylie Knight’s buriedgasline.tumblr.com, tumblr page and this week we show you our next find…

8.  Cinematheque!  Cinematheque is a new free film screening in the desert… primarily focused on the classics!  This goes down in Palm Desert at the new…. Fine Art of Design!!!  You must, must, must go check this out (I hear that champagne is on deck!!!).  More details later this week…

9.  Art Shows a Go Go.  We post our top picks of the coolest art shows going on in the desert this weekend.  And you know how we are…. we are kinda choosey!  We only highlight one or two shows… so keep an eye out!

10.  Randoms.  you never know what the Internet will bring you…. it’s kinda like the wind in that matters.  You just never know what will pass by your way…. so stay tuned in before you get blown out.

11.  Things 2 Do Thursday.  This is the post that has been on The Coachella Valley Art Scene every Thursday for the past 3 years!!!!  This post features all of the local musician’s shows at local venues, being promoted by your local promoters.  It’s a family affair.