All Words by Carlos Munoz 

Date: Saturday the 30th 2011I woke up with a hangover and 2 hours later than I had planned. Why did I have Jack in the Box the previous night? I’ve got a problem. Fast food joints should have counselors working the grave yard drive-thru.
    “So what are some of the emotions you experience when you order the Jumbo Jack?” 
hmfood?I began making the filling for the burritos, I’m feeling grumpy and kinda gross about my self. No sense beating myself up for it, just learn from your mistakes and drink plenty of water. 


  • 3 can of refried beans (accompanied with some Frijoles de la olla, that’s whole pinto beans for the rest of you)
  • Monterrey Jack Cheese
  • Chicken
  • Tomato
  • Green Salsa
I’ve grown dissatisfied with the canned refried beans and highly encourage the donation of bagged pinto or black beans, they cost pretty similarly to the canned stuff and are of better quality.  I believe it is important to strive for the most nutritious meal possible, providing not only much needed calories (energy) but also something that is honest and delicious. 


I packed my bag and headed out, starts off a little slow and i think its because it’s 11am, which is when they serve lunch at Marthas Village and Kitchen. There is a black woman pulling a small black grocery cart, she has her hair put away in a scarf and its held together with a big safety pin. Announce yourself and get to the point. 
” Hi, are you hungry?”
   “What’dya got and how much?”
   “Burritos and they’re free!”
   “Nothing is free!”
“These are!”

I hand her 2 burritos and she smiles. 
   “Want to see my invention?” 
   “Invention? yeah!” 

She pulls out a margarine container and inside are peppermints and cough drops, she pulls them out and they are sewn together. 2 peppermints and one Vitamin C drop.

  “They give you energy and they cleanse you.”
“Is there a specific order i should take these?”
“First the peppermint then the vitamin c, wait an hour before you eat the other peppermint. But you’ll notice it in your urine, you’re     cleansing. They’re a dollar.”
“Yikes i don’t have a dollar, my name is Carlos.”
  “Well Carlos you can have one anyway.”


I thank her and i get to peddaling, i go down Indio blvd and end up on Van Buren…the Beer Gardens. I ride around the back and i enter the covered area, there’s a group of dudes sitting around a picnic table and i ask if they like burritos.

“Hell yeah! you with the church?” 
“Nah..no church, but all the stuff for these burritos was donated by my friends”
  “There is a God” 

I can’t help but chuckle. 

I move my way further into the cool down zone and i hand out some more goods, some are a bit reluctant and some say “no thanks”. There are baskets of dry cereal, bread and other assorted goodies, turns out the space is provided by the kind shop keeps and the rescue mission down the road. Very cool. 


Heading back towards 111 i notice people migrating towards Marthas, handing out a burrito here and there i cant help but feel like im on somebody else’s territory. We should be working together, but i guess the truth is that im afraid of getting shut down due to some sort of policy. I better do my homework. 

Making my way to where i feel most comfortable, Monroe street, i hit up the Food 4 Less and Pizza Hut parking lot . Once there i encounter Ed, a very interesting guy. Decked out in his usual, denim vest, black hat, black tights and jean short shorts. Me and Kylie Knight have gotten to know him a bit and discovered that he creates really cool artwork. We usually ask him if he’s got any for sale, he’s got notebooks full of the stuff.
I hand him a pair of burritos and make my way back home.Another successful ride. 

This weeks plan: 

More aggressive fund raising.
Create marketing material ( fliers, videos, presentations?)
Gather up a crew for next week (outreach solo is a no no)
artwork by Ed

To get involved

with the Coachella Valley Burrito Project, please contact Carlos at: