Welcome to another glorious week here on The Coachella Valley Art Scene – glad you could join us.

This week, after surviving the random thunder and lightening storms from this weekend, we are clearing things up, straightening things out, drying things off.  As you may or may not have noticed – the blog has a whole new look!  Just like the desert has a whole new look/smell after being stormed on in the middle of the heat of the summer.

In addition to new looks, we have new content.  And in addition to new content, we have new perspectives.  All of which, give a new angles to look at life in the desert.  There is life in the desert, you know that, right?!

Life in the desert this week is good, revamped, refreshed, rebooted…. so let’s get started with life in the Coachella Valley Art Scene:

1.  Wednesday Night Rendezvous.  Yes!  It’s that time of the week… for Hump Day.  Hump Days are no longer days spent along on the couch…. they are now super fun nights in the desert that are open calls for strangers in a community to come hang out together and make friends over the spirit of arts and culture.  Today we list off some cool things to do around the desert, so stay tuned.

2.  World Famous Party Recap.  First and foremost, thank you to everyone who came out to our monthly party this last Saturday at the Ace Hotel’s Amigo Room in Palm Springs with Alf Alpha!  It was ridiculously hot that evening – everyone was sweating… however, it made for crazy times and a great desert night.  A lot of crazy stuff went down, many of which I can’t publish on my website, but all the decent photos I will post.  Ohhh…… crazy desert summer nights…..

3.  INTERVIEW: Fine Art of Design.  Yeah so I totally ment to post this last week but I got all caught up with revamping the CVAS website – the site looks godo though – right!?!  Well, after the rain and the storms, not only did the desert get cleaned out… but so did my brain.  Starting with a fresh palate this week means that I can actually do what I love doing the most…. INTERVIEWS….and less dirty work such as design and smaller posts.  Let’s get this content rolling in… it’s about time!

4.  Coachella Valley Burrito Project.  The saga continues…. Carlos Munoz continues to truck on, providing burritos to the homeless of the city of Indio.  Carlos is such an inspiration to me, hopefully he can be a source of inspiration to you too.  Chow down on this new content in a bit.

5.  Raices goes to L.A. Rising.  As you guys may remember from last week, Golenvoice was awesome enough to offer the East end of the valley kids a free trip and ride to L.A. Rising (a mega show at the LA Coliseum with Rage Against the Machine, Muse, Lauryn Hill and many more).  Turns out, about 500 people from the East Coachella Valley went!  Amongst that large group of people was a small cultural collective called Raices.  Many of the kids in Raices are young, around High School age.  They got flip cams and were sent on missions to document their time experienced at the show – pretty rad, right?!?!  We are hoping that we can get at least some of their recaps up on the blog this week!  I am keeping my fingers crossed… should be really interesting to check out, from the kid’s perspective.

6.  Classic Comedy Film Series in Palm Springs.  Every Thursday film screenings are free!  At the Palm Springs Art Museum.  They are switching up the program, from the Global Lens Film program to the Classic Comedy Film Series.  Interesting switch – right?!?!  Well, I’m equally down for both.  More information on who, what, when, and where later.

7.  Top Tumblr of the Week.  This week, we find a new Tumblr that we are all about.  Tumblr is our newest blogging obsession and we are just trying to convince all of you to join us so we can drool over your musings too… jk… kinda.  Stay tuned for the linkage.

8.  Dreamin’ about Ustreamin‘.  Speaking of new kinds of social medias and reaching out to people via different platforms… I recently got a Facebook invite to watch two local DJs from the desert do a Ustream session this Wednesday night.  Thought that was pretty awesome since I have so many readers to the blog who don’t live in the desert… a little live Ustream sesh…second best thing to actually not really being here – right?  I dunno, at least I thought it was cool, but… then again… I’m just a blogging computer nerd.

9.  Cinematheque.  Something I am personally excited about…. Cinematheque!  At the Fine Art of Design!  Every Sunday evening.  Classic films, interesting discussions, intimate space, centrally located in Palm Desert, champagne….. what’s not to love!  All the info to sign yourself coming later this week.

10.  Commercial Break: Crickets in Wigs.  Sounds gross, but if you actually listen…. here is where you can find some of the desert’s best rock ‘n roll being produced by the young and upcoming kids of today.  Be prepared to loose it.

11.  Randoms.  You never know what I might blog about next… Iam mean, it’s always Coachella Valley based, but as you know… the desert is a mysterious place where you never really know what will happen next, or be lurking around that tumble weed next… so keep an eye out!

12.  Things 2 Do Thursdays.  Nothing better then hot summer nights spent with a couple hundred other people who all love music, culture, bright lights and a few cold brews.  Support your local economy by going out this weekend to support your local musicians, who are playing at local venues, promoted by your local promoter!