This Sunday: Cinematheque

Free Film screenings at the Fine Art of Design

Are you (a) a film nerd?  (b) free on Sunday evenings?  (c) looking to meet cool/interesting/good looking/intelligent over a free film in an air conditioned space?  or (d) all of the above?

 I am assuming, because the CVAS blog readers are the bomb digity, that you guys all answered (d) to the questionnaire I just made up.  Great!  That means I can expect to see you all this Sunday at the bran-spankin new Stacked Bookshop inside of the tastefully put together, independently owned, Fine Art of Design shop in Palm Desert.  Yes, this means that Cinematheque has moved from the old Ace Hotel location into a new, more centralized location.

Exquisite free films will be screened, glasses of champagne will be sipped, discussions will be held, and the evening will be curated by the great John Steppling.

Here are the details:

(please excuse the date, I used the flyer from last week because I liked it so much, it’s happening AUGUST 7th)

from the very words of the Cinematheque crew…

“Hello Cinematheque goers! Exciting news to annouce… Cinematheque Palm Springs is not only back with a new venue, we will be opening this Sunday with a special event. Join as we celebrate in the new vintage stores located in Palm Desert: Stacked Bookshop and The Fine Art of Design.  Screening will feature Rainer Fassbinder’s The Stationmaster’s Wife and of course, an introduction and discussion afterwards led by John Steppling. Please come in for a glass of champagne to celebrate not only Cinematheque starting up again – but the opening of my bookstore… Looking forward to seeing everyone!”



Located between San Pablo and San Luis Rey on HWY 111. Look for the large VINTAGE sign – we are in the frontage area on your right next to sense and Casuelas Cafe.

Here are some links to get you where you need to be:

About the Film:



The Stationmaster’s Wife is one of Fassbinder’s most polarizing films, with opinions on it ranging from “garbage” to “masterpiece.” In a way, it’s both. On the surface he gives us the trashy fun of a soap operatic story (One Insatiable Woman and Her Three Lusty Lovers!), but through razor-sharp humor, brilliantly stylized acting, and visual mastery he digs far beneath the surface of these characters and their world. For all of its erotic hijinks, this is also a probing examination of the all-too-human origins of fascism.
The Stationmaster’s Wife, set in the Bavarian village of Werburg in late 1920s Germany, tells the tale of Xaver Ferdinand Maria Bolwieser (Kurt Raab), who at work is the town’s strict stationmaster and at home is a sexual slave to his lusty wife Hanni (Elisabeth Trissenaar). Bored with both her husband and life at the train station (their apartment is right above the office, providing a bevy of snoops with ample opportunity to get an earful), Hanni embarks on adulterous affairs. First she dallies with the beefy local butcher, Franz Merkl (Bernhard Helfrich), then she also picks up the languorous hairdresser, Schafftaler (Udo Kier). As Hanni tries to juggle her three lovers, the situation spirals out of control.”


Vital Details:

This Sunday…


In Palm Desert at The Fine Art of Design.

8pm FREE Screening.  All Ages.

C u there…