Two weeks ago, as you may (or may not recall) recall, the CVAS featured a post that we hoped would spread the word of some super cool news we had heard buzzing around town earlier that morning…

Word around town that day was that Goldenvoice (the brains and bronze behind Coachella) was graciously offering residents of East Valley  (more specifically La Quinta, Indio, Coachella and Mecca) not just free tickets to their highly anticipated LA Rising show, but also a free ride (via a super nice, air condition, comfy, rock-star tour busses).

Yeah, pretty gnarly.  Right?!?!

The blog post looked a little like this:

Here is the link:

Anyways, to prove to everyone that this wasn’t “too good to be true” we included an official press release from the guys over at Goldenvoice.

It went like this:


Goldenvoice is inviting out its Polo Club neighbors to The LA Rising Festival in Los Angeles this Saturday.

Residents of the cities of Coachella, Indio, La Quinta, Mecca and Thermal are invited to attend.

Goldenvoice will provide a ticket and a bus ride to and from the Los Angeles Coliseum this Saturday July 30th.

The buses will leave promptly at 11am from the Riverside County Fairgrounds and will return after the show (show ends at midnite).

Residents need to sign up this Thursday from 3pm – 5pm at the Riverside County Fairgrounds in Indio. Space is limited, so arrive early.

All potential attendees must be 18 or over and have proof of residence in the cities mentioned above. Please bring your California I.D. or California drivers license.

On Thursday later that week, hundreds of people showed up to the Riverside County Fairgrounds in Indio to reserve their space.

On Saturday is when they boarded the buses for the big trip to Los Angeles.  There were all kinds of people who came to take part in the adventure; old, young, music fans and political movement lovers alike.  Each person with a sparkle of excitement their eyes for the unexpected and the unknown that they were, as a community, about to embark in.

Amongst the hundreds of people was a local non-profit organization, Raices.  Raices’s mission is to create a space for artistic and cultural expression, to promote healthy communities, and to strengthen the voice of the Eastern Coachella Valley.  We have been a fan of their movement for some time.  They brought with them a huge group of teenagers, all whom are in High School.  This was going to be a pretty epic day for those kids. So, naturally, we were really excited to hear that some of them were provided with cameras and sent them on a mission to document their time spent in Los Angeles, at the LA Collisum, for the LA Rising show put on by Goldenvoice.

The result?

Below you can watch videos and look at photos provided by Eduardo Gonzalez.  Gonzalez is going to be a Senior at Coachella Valley High School.

You can also read an LA Rising recap by Jocelyn Gomez, a soon-to-be Junior at Desert Mirage High.

So, without further ado… I present to you… Eduardo & Jocelyn’s

Adventure Recap:  Raices goes to LA Rising

LA Rising

by Jocelyn Gomez

Last Saturday, the 30th of July, all of us at Raices were invited to go to one of the most greatest and spectacular protest events LA has ever seen, LA Rising. This was a concert dedicated to advocating different causes from various organizations, such as Greenpeace and Courage To Resist.  Of course we gratefully accepted to go, and by 10 am on Saturday morning in the Indio fairgrounds, most of us were anxiously awaiting in the burning, hot sun to board the buses which would take us to this magnificent event.  After an hour of resisting the scorching heat and a few interviews from the press, we finally boarded and were on our way. During the bus ride, most of us were giggling and having fun taking pictures with our friends or even singing silly songs to pass the time, while others were quietly enjoying the scenery or thinking about what a great time they were going to have at LA Rising. After a few giggling pictures and songs about bananas, we finally arrived at our destination, the beautiful Los Angeles Coliseum. We had arrived.

At the concert, we all arranged ourselves into groups and headed off to go to the place which was the reason in which we all came, the Re-education Camp in where we would be able to meet all the different organizations that inspired this concert in the first place. While there, we were able to meet many spectacular groups and organizations who inspired us and motivated us into joining their cause. For example, one group that was a favorite within Raices was the organization Courage To Resist. This group dedicated their time into encouraging soldiers to “blow the whistle” on illegal military activities. Another organization that we were able to learn from was Ideas at UCLA, which was a group that worked for the cause of supporting laws such as the Dream Act or various other laws that would benefit undocumented students all over the U.S.  After learning from all of these magnificent organizations, we finally found the time to go the second reason why we came to LA Rising, the concert! We then headed out to enter the Coliseum itself, and take our seats for the concert of a lifetime.  Then, the concert began. There we were, banging our heads and moving our feet to the rhythm of the bands performing. From Immortal Technique to Muse, and the grand finale, Rage Against the Machine, we heard them all and by the end of the show, most, if not all of us, were blown away with what we had experienced, a movement, a movement that united both young and old alike and filled their minds with encouragement and hope, a movement with the most powerful tool in the world, music.

All words written by Jocelyn Gomez.

To find more information on what LA Rising was all about, please visit:

To find out more about Raices, please visit:

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And, last but certainly not least…. Raices would like to give a shout out:

“Hey Goldenvoice, huge THANK YOU.  You made this possible for our students and we are so appreciative.”

* * *