* featured photo of L. Ghambari by Parker Fitzgerald on Flickr.

It’s summer. It’s mid-day, it’s hot.  You jump in the pool… and that’s nice.  You sip some stiff drinks poolside, and that’s nice.  But, nothing compares to drinking stiff ones after the sun goes down… and the freaks come out.  Now that is when life gets interesting, and it gets hot.

As anyone in the desert knows, just because the sun falls behind the mountain doesn’t mean things cool off.  And just because you can’t see the crazies, doesn’t mean they are not there.

Proof is in the pudding with this week’s Things 2 Do Thursday party lineup in the Coachella Valley.  From hip hop, to rave, to reggae, to punk, to rock ‘n roll… everyone is out there making some noise.

So, after spending all day soaking up the sun rays…. or breathing in the chilled air from your Air Conditioning unit… step out and into the real world … aka…. your local nightlife:


Every Thursday… hey hey hey…. *It’s the old skool homie from way back in the day’s bday…give it up for…. DJ ODC! special guest dj set and pie to the face

Desert Fox is cute!!  I like it =)

Don’t get pitty-ed….party!


Coem visit me at the party!!!!!!!  I’ll be passing out CVAS limited edition stickers!!!  And feel free to buy me some brew…

The Town Troubles and Lemonade?  Sounds like someone is gonna spike the punch.

Jazz rock and big mouthed babies??  so confused….


Woop woop whhhaaaaaatttt…… we are #2 on the list, check it out

trip out yo!


and Bingo was his name-o!

* * * *

That’s a wrap!  Thank you to everyone who continues to support the Coachella Valley Art Scene!!!  We work so hard to make this happen for ya and I am glad to see venues packed, movie screenings happening, new bands forming, and people coming together.  Bad ass!! Email me with any questions: thecoachellavalleyartscene @ gmail.com