This week on The Coachella Valley Art Scene we introduce a new feature to the blog, Desert Fashion Fervidity.

This new post is inspired by desert fashion…. the real desert fashion.  The hand-selected threads that the desert kids are wearing, not those who come to the Coachella Valley for the weekend (*cough* Coachella * cough*) to take photos and then go back home after having “enough” (not that there is anything wrong with that, we’re just sayin’). The locals.  What are the locals wearing to survive the extreme weather, contrasted with a laid-back lifestyle, and the inevitable desert wandering on a day-to-day basis.

To ignite the fire, I thought it would be best to have the first post of Desert Fashion Fervidity pay respects to 3 people out here who continue to inspire me via fashion and forward thought.  These three people are Adam Moore (photographer), Luisa Marielli (taste maker/model/muse), and The Fine Art of Design (a new vintage shop here in the desert that is fab).  Together they have been producing all kinds of thirst quenching content on their blog,  Gotta say, it surely has been keeping me afloat this Summer…

Their blog is where one can not only learn about what’s the latest and greatest in the big-bad-and-forever-evolving fashion world … but also get links to other really cool fashion blogs, get enlightened by their daily musings, spot Luisa so fiercely strutting her stuff, and via Luisa, learn a new ways to rock old pieces from your personal closet.

What I love about their thread selections is that each and every piece is not just perfect for everyday desert living…. but can be actually found and purchased in the desert, Palm Desert to be precise.  Everything you see Luisa rocking is conveniently hanging on the racks at The Fine Art of Design.  (*But, don’t quote me on that because by the time you get in there some other CVAS blog reader might have already dropped by and swooped it up!!!  So you better get in there quick and call dibs on it.)  So, check it out!  Tell me what you think because the next post on Desert Fashion Fervidity will evolve around (your?) personal style.

So, without further ado, I present to you… the debut… of Desert Fashion Fervidity….



Photography: Adam Moore 

Wardrobe: The Fine Art of Design 

Model: Luisa Marielli

“Short leather skirts, heavy metal jewelry, and blinding whites became the focus for our latest editorial.” – The Fine Art of Design, Palm Desert, CA

To get more information, on where to purchase the fashions, please visit:

To get more information on the photographer: