Why…. hello, there….

One look at the Things 2 Do Thursday default pic  – and then a skim over the events this weekend – and you might get confused as to why they are even in the same post.  Chill pool vibes contrasting with a bunch of insane desert punk nightlife party flyers?? Why?!?!

I think deep down in us all we are 1/2  Palm Springs schmoozin’ and boozin’ babes who just wanna sip mojitos and hang by the pool during the daytime when the sun is beating down on us and temperatures in are in the roaring 110 degrees  – and our other 1/2 is fist pumping punks in dive bars at night after the sun dips down behind the mountains and heat starts to rise form the ground up.  That’s the desert lifestyle for you.  A mush of conflict, contrast and chaos.

With no other option then to embrace it, we present you a list of the most DIY parties that the desert has to offer you this weekend!!! Woop!  All the events listed below feature local desert bands, are held at local bars, organized by your local promoter, and welcome all local (and out of town) music lovers.  Make sure to go out and not just support your local artist, but your local economy!!!!


Stranger Family Band are no strangers to our desert…………

DJ Day… every Thursday … hay hey hay








Blood baths!!! The new Mineral, Healing Waters Bath for 2012!


Mary….have you lost weight!?!?!

Hip Hop show case!  Bring your neck brace to the party to avoid any injury.

This week’s bands: Abe Vigoda and Essay









My favorite flyer this weekend!!!!!!  Boys with bat bodies are soooooooooooo hawt!

All Ages and All Proceeds goes toward one of my favorite local non-profits….the Desert Aids Project!!!!  A night at Pappy and Harriets is well worth the drive…and then some.

This party looks so gnarly!!!!!!  Amboy Road?? I’m thinking it’s a dirt one.  =)

Contrast… 18+!





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Thank you to everyone who continues to inspire me…..a.k.a. all my readers/supporters!!  Without you guys… I would just be some nerd on the computer who writes to nobody else but themselves.  You guys continue to inspire me to put out vital party info on a weekly basis….because, in the end, my end goal is that it brings all the young folks together to start a revolution in the desert.  And, as we can see via the party flyers above… it is definitely in the works.

If you would like to get involved with The Coachella Valley Art Scene…please do not hestitate to contact me!  I would love to hear from you, hear your ideas, your passions, your contributions.  Email me at thecoachellavalleyartscene@gmail.com