Alright everyone, I’m taking off to Burning Man this year and won’t be around next week (August 29th – September 6th).
And since, as you all (may or may not) know, this is a one woman show, nobody will be around to blog for y’all. I’m just as bummed as you are about it, don’t worry.
But, on the bright side of things, I will be exposing myself to some of the best installation art that the world has to offer at this time. Burning Man is a week long experimental temporary community in the middle of nowhere that features some of the top design and art projects of today. About half a million from all over the world attend this week-long event.  To be quite honest, it’s very hard to type about such an experience.  So, if you are interested in knowing more, please visit the website.
So, even though I won’t be able to blog (since we are seriously in the middle of nowhere), this can only mean good things for the community as I will bring these experiences back with me and can only image the amount of inspiration I will be finding out here. This inspiration will then just get flooded into the CVAS blog and fed to you as well.
As you might be able to imagine, I am very excited! I have been wanting to go for years and finally last year I grew the balls to do so, and what do you know, here I am coming back for my 2nd year!!
This year for the first time in history, Burning Man sold out!  About 50,000 people go to this!  To give you a perspective on what we all get into for the weekend below are just a few pictures that I found on the Internet.  Again, go on the Burning Man website, search Google images, and spend hours on youtube looking this festival up if you haven’t already. That way, maybe you’ll wanna come with me next year. Hehe…
For all you who are community organizers, make sure to send me your event flyers and information a week before I leave! Send all information to:

See that “A”… that’s where I will be traveling to.  There is no Internet there.

This is what the temporary community looks like… for one week!  This is what 50,000+ people camping looks like.  After this week, it goes back to being a fast desert, and the dirt settles back down on a playa.  Crazy, right?!

This is what life looks life looks like from inside.  A refugee camp, basically.  But, no fighters…only art lovers.

This is…. the Burning Man.  The man that burns.  Everything pictured above is built by hand – by men/women!  A week before the festival!  And then it all burns down a week later.

What’s really cool is that you get to see some of the big art installations that you will eventually see at Coachella, Electric Daisy Carnival and many others later on in the year first!  Everyone comes to Burning Man to show off their latest and great invention.  I LOVE IT.

Art cars are the best way to get around the huge city.  I wish cars looked like this all the time!  Then I think I would enjoy Los Angeles a lot more!!

I’m trying to hitch a ride with this guy…

But, you don’t have to get around via a car or bike… there’s other options.

Some/Most/All of these art installation blow my mind!

So amazing, right?!?!

At night things heat up and get a little crazy….as you can imagine!

Here is a video that is a pretty good summary:

Of course, this is only a tid bit of information… make sure you read all the details: