After 3 years of blogging about the young and upcoming arts community of the Coachella Valley, while slowly but surely perfecting our craft…. evolving from a, to a blog roll, to a full blown website… we have finally decided to step out of our comfort zone.

No, this doesn’t mean we are going to stop blogging – never!  Blogging is, what we like to refer to as, our art.  It’s how we express ourselves.  But, as an artist, you have to learn to challenge yourself… take yourself to new levels… and occasionally visit the unknown.

To do this, the next inevitable step was to link up with my artists friends from the Coachella Valley and open up an online art gallery.  This online art gallery is a way for The Coachella Valley Art Scene to offer something tangible and memorable from our website/community to our readers from across the globe (we see you all in our Google Analytics!).  We wanted to provide our readers with more then just links, words, photos, and Facebook friendship…. we wanted to really give you a piece of the desert, something you can touch, smell and hang on your wall.

We also wanted this website to be an opportunity for the local artists of the desert to get some exposure.  You never know what can happen unless you actually “put it out there”.  Know what I mean?  Take it from me, your local blogger, who has put it all “out there.”

So, here we are behind the computer screen, working deligently over here to produce our first ever…. CVAS Online Art Gallery!!!!!!

We are so hype!

We have a good amount of artists already ready to go, but before we blast off to infinity we wanted to reach out to some of you artists out there who maybe be hiding.  You know who you are.  That certain artist who keeps more to him/herself and produces a ton of brilliant work at home, never showing anyone.  Yeah – you guys.  I am friends with plenty of you.  I find you guys the most intriguing.  So, if we don’t know each other personally – let’s!!  If you have works (doesn’t have to be hundreds of pieces, you could even just have two) that you are willing to sell, please email me!

Send me your name, your phone number, photos of your work and any website links that you might have on tap.  My email is