This week on The Coachella Valley Art Scene we continue on with a new feature to the blog, Desert Fashion Fervidity.

This new post is inspired by desert fashion…. the real desert fashion.  The hand-selected threads that the desert kids are wearing, not those who come to the Coachella Valley for the weekend (*cough* Coachella * cough*) to take photos and then go back home after having “enough” (not that there is anything wrong with that, we’re just sayin’). The locals.  What are the locals wearing to survive the extreme weather, contrasted with a laid-back lifestyle, and the inevitable desert wandering on a day-to-day basis.

The second-ever post of Desert Fashion Fervidity puts the spotlight on a few desert people who continue to inspire me via imagery, musicianship and entrepreneurship.  These three people are Adam Moore (photographer), Dani Meza of Blackstrap Molasses (lead singer, songwriter, guitarist, model), and The Fine Art of Design (fashionistas/a new vintage shop in town).  Lucky me, I found an interview where all three came together in two separate interviews on two blogs that are closely linked (did you follow that?!), Fine Art of Design’s and (an extended version of the interview) Adam Moore’s blogs.

So, without further ado, I present to you… the second edition of … Desert Fashion Fervidity….

Photography: Adam Moore 

Wardrobe: The Fine Art of Design 

Model: Dani Meza of Blackstrap Molasses


Style Insight with Dani Meza

an interview conducted by the Fine Art of Design X Dani Meza

Nothing like a sharp dressed man to turn heads.  Crisp button up, freshly pressed pants, wooden soled leather shoes — it could only be Dani Meza, from Blackstrap Molasses.  A daily sartorial delight, Dani inspires us all, women included, to dress up and show some respect by looking the part.  In the midst of all the action, check the tour dates here, Dani took a second to indulge us with a little questionnaire on what inspires him:

FAoD:  What song do you play to get your energy rising?

 Dani Meza:  If its one of our songs, I play “Lover Man”. If its something I’m listening to its Otis Reddings Can’t Turn You Loose to get my energy going.

FAoD:  Your first style icon?

Dani Meza:  Don’t really have a specific style icon, I just really like the classic black suit look.

FAoD:  Who/what were you in your past life?

Dani Meza:  I was probably handsome with thicker wrists. I got the short stick on this life. (laughs)

FAoD:  You could die happy if you got to play a show with?

Dani Meza:  I would die happy if I got to open for Charles Bradley.

FAoD:  Best piece of advice you could pass on to a friend?

Dani Meza:  Always put others first before yourself, even if they don’t notice it.

FAoD:  Character from a movie you would love to be?

Dani Meza:  Uncle Buck

Read the Interview that we down between

Adam Moore (photographer)


Dani Meza (songwriter)

by clicking here.


Eye Contact, Earful and Live Interview:

Photo/Video provided by Adam Moore.

For more insight on Blackstrap Molasses, take a look at Shoot Them All’s write up with the band here




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