Before we take off to Burning Man (next week!) and travel more than 8 hours to slip into a world of radical expression, become a member of a temporary community, surround ourselves with cutting edge artistic inventions, and escape from all outlets of Social Media, Internet, cell phones, and the blogesphere… we gear up to rock a show for you at the Ace Hotel’s Amigo room this Saturday night!!!  Haha!!  That’s just how we do it over here at The Coachella Valley Art Scene.  So, come on down and celebrate with us before we take off.  Because, in the end, we are going to Burning man for you… for our community.  Burning Man is one of our greatest sources of inspiration for the Coachella Valley Art Scene (Coachella Fest and personal relationships with our friends are up there as well).  It is an important ingredient to the special potion that fuels our fire to be able to continue producing quality content on a weekly basis for you guys, and also… okay, let’s be real, it’s a lot of fun!   

Anyways, point is, whatever you do… don’t forget to celebrate life by celebrating amongst the finer things in life such as music, arts, tasty beverages and good friends… all of which, can be found inside these local events listed below:



DJ Day… every Thursday!  Hay hay hay…

“I got love for you if you were born in the 80’s…” – Calvin Harris








Good for your ears, bad for your stomach.  Special guest…. Dunes!

Thanks for the shout out guys!  What’s up with Viciously Delicious Cupcakes?  Sounds yummy!!!  I wanna taste!

Interesting show at the Dillion Roadhouse.

And if you are in the High Desert… don’t miss the last one!






It’s WORLD FAMOUS!  My favorite party of the month (maybe just a little bias because I am involved… and bring all my art supplies to give you guys an amazing crafty party experience)!!!!!  The party features… yes, free crafts to embellish upon your party attire… and also, the most important thing…. an AMAZING DJ!!  Alf Alpha rocked Coachella Fest 2011 and he continues to rock with us every month.  *****He is a Virgo and this is his official birthday party!!!

Okay, so… yeah, here is the other ultra-cool flyer that Ace Hotel made for us!  Can give a “woop woop swag!” to their graphic designer?!?!  I love how they completely captured the vibe of the party.

Hey!  But before you go to the Ace for World Famous, marinate during the day at Reggae Sol!  Poolside dranks and chill jams is the perfect way to prep for the after party!  Just remember to drink water too, y’alls.

And if you’re on the East side, not in the mood to manuever to the West side of town, then have no fear…a cool party is near.  The good peeps from Raices, Cup of Happy, Building Healthier Communities and many more are teaming up to bring you Coachella Youth Summer Fest!!







Pay your respects to the Moon!!  Especially the New Moons…




* * * *

Thank you to everyone who continues to support the Coachella Valley Art Scene week in and week out!!!  Next week we are going to Burning Man, so the blog will be on pause (because, well, it’s a one-woman show over here!!!  even though I do refer to myself as “we”… guess it’s me and the little writing voice in my head that I refer to).  During time, while we are out there, we will be soaking up inspiration for you guys… to be able to bring it back to the community…enhance the blog and bring new ideas to the table for you guys!  See you then and thanks again for always being there….. email me for anything: