Even though we are not around this week to supply you guys with the bomb-diggity-blog-posts such as in-depth Art Shows a Go Go features that we typically try to bang out for you guys… we thought before we left that we’d give you at the very least a super quick run-down of some cool things that are taking place this week in the desert regardless.  We don’t have time to give you the wwwhhoolllleee run-down, but you’ll get the gist.  See what appeals to you then take it form there…



Thursday Evening:

FREE Classic Comedy Film Screening

Thursday, September 1, 2011

6:00pm at the Palm Springs Art Museum

The Graduate, Director: Mike Nichols, 1967, 103 minutes

Key cast: Dustin HoffmanAnne Bancroft and Katharine Ross

Benjamin Braddock is a confused twenty-one year old, worried about his future but unwilling to follow the commercial path of his affluent family and their friends. His life becomes further complicated when he becomes embroiled in an affair with an older woman, Mrs. Robinson, the wife of his father’s business partner. It becomes impossible when he falls in love with her daughter, Elaine.

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Some High Desert Artsy Weekend Fun:

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ARTISTS: Check-it Out & Plan Ahead…


Please visit www.highdesertculturalcenter.com for more info.

Visual Artists:

Dia de Los Muertos Art Exhibition presented by RAICES

Information:  Big community art show exhibition for the Annual Dia De Los Muertos celebration with Raices.  All artists are given the opportunity to display their Dia de Los Muertos themed artwork or create an altar….or both if they like!  Please contact via email ask more questions and reserve your spot.
Date of Event: Saturday October 29th
Time: TBD….normally its from 6pm-10pm. but we are waiting on confirmation.
Artwork requirements: 3 to 5 pieces of artwork with the Dia De Los Muertos theme, 36 x 42 is the size limit. so pretty much anything up to 36 x 42.
Altars: you also have the option to create an altar for the show as well! so you can do both if you like..submit artwork and create an altar. e-mail me back if you do choose to create an altar that way we can include it on the altars display list.
Artist Bio: A brief artist description. Nothing big or extravagant. just something simple and fun so that it can be included on the website and show programs.
Links: (optional) any links to websites, webpages that feature your artwork. Myspace,Facebook, blogs..anything that features your work so that we can include on the webpage/programs.

Contact Info: Anthony at artist.tone@yahoo.com.
We also ask for any contact info-e-mail, phone, etc in case of anyone is interested in your work, they have a way of contacting you.

For more information, please visit:  Raicesdelvalle.org &/or Facebook.com/Raicesdel