Hello Everyone!!

Well, we are all packed up and ready to depart!  We will be gone for a whole week while we are at Burning Man (yes, because this blog is a one-woman-show it means the blog will have to be on pause while I’m out)!  But, before we leave, we wanted to give our loyal readers at least just a little bit of information on what’s going on in the desert this week/end.  Because, well, we love you.  Plain and simple!

This week, because we won’t be around, we are going to simplify teh information and break it down into three categories:

1.  What 2 Check Out This Week.  We provide you some links, videos, pictures and more to what we think is the hottest thing on the block this week.

2.  Art Shows a Go Go.  Free film screenings, art shows, etc etc etc.  We list off just a few things to chill out to this week here in the desert.

3.  Things 2 Do Thursdays.  We wouldn’t leave ya hanging!!!  Party people are my kinda people.