Hey Everyone!

Welcome back to another week here on The Coachella Valley Art Scene!

Last week, as you probably know, we were away from our desks and frolicking amongst art installations in a town called Black Rock City at an event most commonly referred to as Burning Man.  ‘Twas quite the adventure.  And as equally as adventurous as it was – it was also inspiring.

It was sooooo inspiring that we actually were hyped to come back to the writing board today to blog for all y’all.  What nerds – right?!  But really, we’re serious!  Not only are we excited to just get back in the groove of working once again, but we are even more excited to announce some of the amazing things that are happening in the desert this very week.

So, let’s quit talking the talk and let’s walk the walk…

1.  Burning Man Recap.  We’d like to share with you a few photos that we took while away from our desk and out on the playa.  We won’t dwell too much into it, or give away any secrets or anything… but just show you some of our favorite snap shots that we chose throughout the week in hopes that…. we just might inspire you to take the journey next year.

2.  This Thursday! Daedelus at the Ace.  I’ve seen Daedelus many times live, but his set at this past Coachella really blew me away… now I will forever be a fan.  So, when I saw that Daedelus will be at the Ace Hotel’s Amigo this Thursday for FREE I almost fainted.  So amazing.  Really, a show that should not be missed.  More info coming on the artist and the show in a bit!

3.  World Famous Party Recap.  Speaking of the Ace Hotel’s Amigo Room… we got some amazing photos from our last World Famous party. But, first and foremost – BIG THANK YOU to everyone who came out!!  The World Famous night continues to be the most poppin’ night all month long at the Ace thanks to you all who continue to support The Coachella Valley Art Scene and Alf Alpha.  We give a party recap this week to prep you guys for the next one…. our 1 Year Anniversary Party!!!!!

4.  $1,000 Art Contest Prize.  Our friends over at the local non-profit, Building Healthy Communities in the Eastern Coachella Valley, is having a logo design contest and they are offering a pretty hefty prize.  $1,000 goes a long ways.  PLus, the even have a youth category that has a $500 for the same logo design contest.  Pretty sweet.  We’d love for one of the Coachella Valley Art Scene readers to win that prize… so the details are coming shortly!

5.  Desert Digital.  If there was ever a year for Youtube musician sensations blowing up…this would be it.  If there was ever a year for the electronic music scene in the desert… this would be it.  If there was ever a year that really changed Alf Alpha’s career…. this would be it.  And if there was ever a better year for launching Shawn Moore’s… this would be it.  Put all of this into a blender, mixed with Jay Bednar’s event production skills, and out comes Desert Digital.  An ALL AGES event going down at the Palm Springs Convention Center this Saturday!!!  We are particulary excited for this because this event couldn’t have came at a better time.  And the fact that it’s all ages.  And the fact that it’s at the Palm Springs Convention Center.  And the fact that there are a TON of Coachella Valley acts on the bill!!!  More details after the jump off (check em out on facebook until then).

6.  Lo Sound Desert Party.  On the same down that Desert Digital is going down, on the other end of the valley, in another music scene all it’s own, Lo Sound Desert Party will be happening.  A free, all ages event in Thermal that will feature over 10 local rock bands.  Not only is it a rock show, but it’s also the making of a documentary about the musical genre of desert rock.  It’s the Lo Sound movement!  More info coming later this week (check em out on facebook until then).

7.  Art Shows a Go Go: High Desert.  Since we are reppin the Low Desert so hard at the Lo Sound Desert Party this Saturday, I thought I’d give a little love to all the art shows going on in the High Desert this weekend.  Finding a balance is always key.

8.  Sordid Lives at the Camelot Theater!  Okay so who out of The Coachella Valley Art Scene readers was apart of the Sordid Lives film craze that went down in the desert a couple years ago?  I know I was!  I saw the film like 3 times in the theater.  That’s pretty close in comparison to how many times I saw Titanic!  Well, good news for all of us twisted Sordid Lives fans… it’s back!!!!  This Thursday at the Camelot Theaters Sordid Lives screens again to make us all laugh, cry, and reunite.  Yay!

9.  Sunday = Funday, Funday = Freeday!  Yes, you know what this post is all about… every 2nd Sunday at the Palm Springs Art Museum they open their doors to the general public and let everyone in for free.  It is here where one (or many) can enjoy a free film, free art workshops, tour the museum, listen to music and much more…. all in a nicely air conditioned building!  It’s like a daydream come true.  More info later this week (we are thinking on Friday).

10.  Randoms.  You never know what the internet will link us up with next.  So, guess that means you gotta stay tuned into the program.

11.  Things 2 Do Thursday.  Party central.  For reals.  This summer in the desert was like…. going off every single weekend!  The heat can’t faze us!!!  It only makes us want to party harder!  All events promoted on the Things 2 Do Thursday support local promoters who book local bands at local venues… supporting our local economy and art scene!  Every Thursday… you know the dealio…