It’s raining, it’s pouring, I’m inside this coffee shop (blogging) and it’s boring!!

Man, you have no idea how bad I wish this laptop I’m working off of was water-proof right now.  Here I am, inside, looking out through this window pane at this magnificant thunder, lightening and RAIN!!!   Oh to be frolicking in the puddles and smelling the aromas of rain on dry dirt, cement and plants….  So, let’s get this week rolling!  The faster we can pump out content, the faster we can get out in the rain and splash around.

 With weather like this – what could go wrong?  Life is good.  Hey, at least desert Summer life isn’t consumed with 110+ degree weather… right?

Let’s celebrate!

1.  Digital Desert Recap.  Last week we interviewed the man behind the production, Jay Bednar.  This past Saturday we attended the event and were very impressed.  It was an all around good event with a good turnout and good vibes.  We were really happy to see the desert’s upcoming generation having an event where they coudl celebrate their love for music, dancing, and entertainment.  A few photos and pictures from the wild night coming in just a bit!

2.  Moon Block Party Recap.  Over the Labor Day weekend there was an excellent rock and psych party at teh Dillion’s Roadhouse.  It featured the popular Los Angeles band,  Jerffetittis Nile and local bands such as Blackstrap Molasses, Slipping Into Darkness, War Drum and more.  Unfortunately the CVAS was not in attendance because we were at Burning Man, but our good friend and source of inspiration Steven Preston was.  Steven took some really great photos and video and we can’t wait to share them with you all.  So keep an eye out this week for that!

3.  BURIED GAS LINE.  Okay, the day has FINALLY come!  The Coachella Valley Art Scene + Epidemic Skatehsop are teaming up to present to you a solo ART SHOW featuring the latest works from our good artist friend and muse, Kylie Knight!  The art show is going down on the last Sunday of the this month (September 24th) from 7pm-10pm at Epidemic Skate Shop’s new loaction in Palm Desert.  It is all ages and free!  Not only will we be showing off Kylie’s amazing talents, but there will be a few musical guests as well… one of them being CVAS + Epi + Kylie’s good friend, Alf Alpha.  This art show is one not to miss!!  We are excited about it!  More information later this week!

4.  Mysterious Desert Weirdness.  One of the best things about living in the desert is all the random, mystical weirdness that one can witness on a day-to-day outing.  Earlier this week we found some really cool mysterius desert weirdness.  We went home and Googled it just to see if we’d get lucky and surprisingly we found a whole thread post on the Internet about it!  We want to know who else out there saw this weird desert mishap and if anyone (besides possibly the aliens) have any information on it.  More investigative research to share with you later this week…

5.  Artist Needed for a Dia de los Muertos Art Installation.  OUr good friends over at Raices (shout out to Tone) are looking for some local artists to assist them in the large, annual, Dia de los Muertos festival.  We will give you all the details, and photos from past events, later this week on the blog.  So keep an ojo out!

6.  Commercial Break: Subterrain Films.  There is a young film director/producer out here in the desert that has been documenting some of the local hip hop acts from around the Coachella Valley.  We especially dig his work because of those long and wide panoramic shots of the Coachella Valley mounatins, windmills, railroad tracks and desert scapes.  He also captures the rawness of the desert streets and keeps the beat.  make sure to come back for this one.

7.  Some Palm Springs Architectural History.  Speaking of great YouTubes that inspire, we were introduced to a great series of YouTubes (via one of our Facebook friends) that breaks down the history behind Palm Springs’s famous modern architecture and why it is and has remained so relevant over all these years.  It’s never to late to learn about your hometown and this week we take the first step in touching upon desert architecture.  Please do join us!

8.  Do Over comes to Palm Springs.  One of the most popular parties in Los Angeles (and now all over the world) is making it’s way to Palm Springs this weekend!!!  The famous party, sponsored by Adidas Original, is called the Do-Over.  It’s all going down at the Ace Hotel this weekend.  We’ll give you more details on the par-tay later this week.

9.  Randoms.  As we say every week, the internet throws new things at us all the time.  Every day we find cool stuff on here about the Coachella Valley and sometimes we just can’t predict what will randomly end up on The Coachella Valley Art Scene by the end of the week!  This means, you have to keep coming back and visiting us.  Yeah, I know, torture…

10.  Things 2 Do Thursdays.  Whether or not there are a million things going on during the week, you can always guarentee a million things going on after the sun goes down here in the desert.  Okay, not a million, but definitely enough to give you options.  This week, just like the others, we share with you our personal collection of events/parties that feature local bands, playing at local venues, inviting local (and out-of-towners) music and arts fan to come join them.  A fun way to boost your local economy, basically…