Our good friends over at Raices put on an annual Dia de los Muertos show every year.  This year they called upon us to put a post up to see if there were any artists out there that would be interested in contributing.  They are looking for more artists than ever before to participate!

So, if you are looking to feature your works in an art show, or just want meet some cool new people with similar taste, then definitely read the information below and contact them as soon as you can.

*Special  Note:

Everyone has the option to display Dia de los Muertos themed artwork or create an altar… or both if they’d like!

If you are interested, please contact Tone at:


Vital Information for the Artists:

Saturday October 29th
Time: TBD….normally its from 6pm-10pm. but we are waiting on confirmation.
Artwork requirements: 3 to 5 pieces of artwork with the Dia De Los Muertos theme, 36 x 42 is the size limit. so pretty much anything up to 36 x 42.
Altars: you also have the option to create an altar for the show as well! so you can do both if you like..submit artwork and create an altar. e-mail me back if you do choose to create an altar that way we can include it on the altars display list.
Artist Bio: A brief artist description. Nothing big or extravagant. just something simple and fun so that it can be included on the website and show programs.
Links: (optional) any links to websites, webpages that feature your artwork. Myspace,Facebook, blogs..anything that features your work so that we can include on the webpage/programs.

Contact Info: (optional) We also ask for any contact info-e-mail, phone, etc in case of anyone is interested in your work, they have a way of contacting you. 

For more information, visit them at:

 Raicesdelvalle.org   &   www.facebook.com/Raicesdel

or email Tone at