This past Memorial Day weekend at the Dillion Roadhouse in Desert Hot Springs was a unique experience.  The Moon Block Party came to town….

Moon Block Party is a free outdoor art and music festival to benefit The School of Arts in Downtown Pomona’s Arts Colony.  The Moon is a collective of musicians & artists that organize outdoor music festivals, block parties, camping trips, and much more to benefit different groups like The School of Arts & The State Parks Foundation.

The PMB was birthed in Pomona, CA and bloomed at their debut block party in the Downtown Arts District of Pomona a couple months ago.  The MBP Pomona event was a big success, drawing in hundreds of beautiful young people from all over Southern California to experience the free-for-all festival, independent vendors, and open air.  The night was filled with sounds from California’s best psych music, and even featured a local desert band, War Drum.

On Memorial Day weekend the block party made it’s way down to the desert to ignite the fire once again…..

(Promo Video)

This block party was to be titled, Moon Block Party Palm Springs, and as one could imagine… the kids were in for a wild night.

Again the MBP curated the night’s sounds with psych bands from all over California, including the desert’s very own War Drum… with a new addition to the scene, Blackstrap Molasses.

The official flyer:

As the sun set, the beautiful people wandered into the Roadhouse and the magic was made….

* * *

Photo Recap of the Moon Block Party Palm Springs 

by Steven Preston

All photos and video taken by Steven Preston.

Steven Preston is a young and upcoming (full-time) professional video director/producer/editor living in Palm Springs.  He has done work for War Drum,Alf Alpha and the Coachella Art Studios.

The YouTube above was shot and edited by Preston, and the photos below were taken by Preston as well.

For more information on the Moon Block Party: