It’s a bird…. it’s a plane… no, it’s just mysterious desert weirdness, again.

It wasn’t too long ago when we saw the mysteriousness on the mountain.  A ring of lights, gently places high up on the mountain top that towers over the Coachella Valley.  Our first reaction was that maybe someone was doing a late night photoshoot?  We shrugged our shoulders and went about our ways….

But, it really wasn’t until earlier this week that we started to really question what the heck we saw.  While browsing the Internet, we came across a blog post that featured a photo of the same string of lights on the same mountain!!  We gasped!  And not only was there a photo, but Mascon Milk (the blogger), also found a whole online chat room discussion board with people sharing concerns on the internet about it (sorry to anyone wondering, but I have no idea where the discussion board can be found on the Internet, as she ‘screen-capped’ the dialoges).  A sigh of relief when we found out other people had seen it too, it wasn’t just us…

Once we read all the comments in the chat room we had to share with the rest of you.

Did you see the mysterious desert weirdness?

What do you think it is?

You can find the original blog post here: 


@thecvartscene on Twitter what you think those lights are……