This past weekend The Coachella Valley Art Scene went to check out what Digital Desert was all about.

We rolled with Alf Alpha to the spot.

We showed up a little late, but just on time, all at the same time…

Walked in through the front doors, the vibe was right.  The energy was right where it needed it needed to be to host an all aged rave – high, but not not bubbling over.  It was all under control.

There was the constant Hard House sound waves vibrating from the main stage all the way to your feet and up into the core of your stomach, shaking up your mind, body and soul – however, it felt good to be a little “shaken up” to be quite honest.  Although it was hard not to be, for this was not your ‘typical desert concert’, and definitely nothing that the Palm Springs Convention Center had ever seen before.  On a very superficial and surface level, all one could see were seas of young adults (majority High School aged) dressed up in ‘dance costumes’, tons of shuffling, bounce houses, crazy strobe lights, glow sticks, and hormones raging amognst the controlled chaos. But, once you emerged yourself even just a little, it was so clearly obvious that the energy, the intent, and everyone inside was rooted in embracing artistic self-expression and positivity.  Everyone was just there to have a good time.  Celebrate life and jump around and scream at the top of their lungs.

* * *

Here is a little recap of what went down in our ‘world’ that night.  Make sure to check out the collection of YouTubes (that I randomly found online)  that are featured below as well!!  All of them are really good, because each one paints a different picture.

These are my pictures that I painted (ok, photographed) from my evening at Desert Digital.  Enjoy!

First thing  when you walk in you saw the bounce houses.  I was gonna go bounce around, but it was already occupied by these guys.  The guy had stinky feet, so I opted to not do the bounce house after all.

Met up with the Epidemic crew.  They were selling the very very very super rare, limited edition Alf Alpha x Kil At Wil x Epidemic shirts.  I guess they were selling them like hot cakes.  Spotted these kids sporting the shirts, lookin’ extra fly.

So, by the time I actually got through the front doors it was only an hour before Alf Alpha was to take the stage.  We got to check out DJ Blend and Hop & Sin.  Missed Charlie Luthergates, which was a bummer, BUT I was able to take a photo of him.  (*side note: saw Youtubes of Charlie Luthergates’s set, he killed it!!!  props!)

Sorry for the lack of photos on DJ Blend and Hop & Sin.  To be honest, I was at the bar for like 45 minutes out of the hour that I showed up early.  So, I kinda didn’t get their whole sets – and the photos I took of each of them were on my film camera and didn’t develop good enough to show you guys.  But, have no fear, I will link you to some people who did capture the kids.

So, before I knew it, Alf Alpha took the stage….

These kids reminded me a lot of the same kids that were at the Odd future show!  They were super cool.  I really liked their energy.

Props to the dancers, seriously.  These ladies held it down all night, never missed a beat.  They knew when the crowd needed that extra encouragement to get crazy and loose their minds, and they also knew when to step back and let the performing artist come to the front of the stage to interact with their audience.

I have no idea who they are, but they certainly represented the art of self-expression, dance and DIY fashion that night.

Girl power!

We were throwing out extra shirts left and right.  Hope you got one of them!!!  Street worth is $500000!!! Just kidding.

Alf Alpha pleys so good!!

No idea why, but I love when people flip me off!  haha… these are the Odd Future fan suspects

Stage lighting and design was on point.

 Props to everyone involved.  The night was a true success.

Word on the street is that there is a “Bassgiving” (Thanksgiving time party) in the works as well!…. We’ll keep you posted.

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