In the photo above we pay our homage to Queens of the Stone Age.  Simply put, a bad ass band from the desert who ‘really made it’.

They are an inspiration to the older and younger generation of musicians in the desert alike.  It’s bands like Queen of the Stone Age that give us all a little hope… beyond musicians, we’re talking all artists, and heck – even us bloggers.  And now, as I sit hear and listen to them while I type up this Things 2 Do Thursday… I’m quite proud.  I’m sure you know that feeling… it’s that contagious feeling of hope, aspirations, passion, creativity, rawness, and proud to be apart of something bigger than ourselves… a community.

This weekend there are many opportunities to become bigger than ourselves.  Whether it’s being a musician and traveling to other cities to share a slice of your hometown taste (shouts out to DJ Day in Europe, Blackstrap Molasses and War Drum in Los Angeles, and Alf Alpha in Pomona) or going to a show to support a friend who is playing, you become a part of a community for the night and together you and everyone else in the room become one, bigger then yourselves.

So, this weekend, don’t be stuck home alone… by yourself.


Every Thursday… woop woop waaaaaa.  DJ Day is in Europe, so he won’t be there…. but rage for him.


Kylie Knight made the flyer – and you are invited!!!!!!  So be there or be there square.

It’s gonna get punk as fuck at The Hood.

The Do-Over….. LA’s (and soon to be Planet Earth’s) most popular house (like)  party is coming to Palm Springs to Sleep-Over.  So, we are fluffing up our pillows, spraying some Febreeze, and opening the door wide open for them. 😉

Our good friends over at are throwing another one of their monthly parties and Alf Alpha has the best spot on the lineup in the best part of the party… on the rooftop!  Let me tell you something, this party has 4 dance floors all throughout the Fox Theater, and each one is jam packed.  They typically reach maxium capacity around midnight so show up early.


Our boys will be rocking at the Standard in Downtown Los Angeles…… sssaaaaaay what!!!  Sooooo cool.

A little Wu-Tang action in the desert this weekend… hhaaaaaaaayyyyyy!!!

Super sick flyer….. Dali’s Lama on deck.

Celebrate the 1 Year Anniversary for the desert’s very unique, Vintage n’ Vogue.  Strike a pose.


A new Sunday in town……




* * *

Thank you, everyone.  Your continuos support and un-conditional love has been the fuel to my fire for these past 3 years of running the blog!  It looks like it’s gonna turn into a marathon…. 23 more to go!  haaaaaahaaaaaa

Email for any questions.  Especially if you’d like to get involved and be an intern: Sarah at